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The Upblast Roof Exhaust Fan is one of two available options for rooftop-mounted cooling. These fans will extract and eject warm air populating the ceiling of a building straight up into the atmosphere. Since heat rises, this is one of the most efficient methods of heat exhaustion for larger buildings.

We offer two types of upblast fan - Centrifugal and Propeller. Choosing between the two types is dependent on your personal preferences, but a big factor is also your HVAC system's static pressure. Centrifugal fans are quiet, efficient, and operate well with moderate to high static pressure. They are also used to removing grease-laden exhaust from restaurants and food trucks. Propeller - or "Axial" - fans move much more air than centrifugal fans, but they do not often work well with high static pressure.

Our inventory boasts upblast roof exhaust fans from top brands such as Coolair, Hartzell Air Movement, Soler & Palau, and US Fan. These high quality fans are available to you at the lowest prices possible. If you need help choosing the right size fan for your needs, give us a call and one of our experts will aid you in finding the perfect upblast fan.

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