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Commercial & Industrial Wall-Mounted Exhaust Fans

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Ventilate large areas or entire buildings with wall exhaust fans from Our commercial exhaust fans combine top-quality with the lowest wholesale prices available online.

Choose from among the industry’s best brands – Canarm, Coolair, Hartzell, Triangle Fans and U.S. Fans, in a variety of sizes and airflow capacities. Installing the right size HVAC exhaust fan can be a real game-changer in more ways than one.

An industrial wall exhaust fan not only delivers more comfort to those inside, but clears out airborne contaminants such as fumes, dust and vapors, thus creating a healthier and safer work environment.

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Working conditions can be enhanced greatly with a wall mount exhaust fan. Commercial applications are seemingly limitless, and the investment is small for the benefits received. The variety of commercial and industrial wall exhaust fans includes these different types, each with its own merits and installation options:

Shutter Mounted Wall Exhaust

Shutter mounted wall exhaust fans have louvers that close when the airflow ceases, keeping the “new” air in place until it is itself swept out and replaced. This feature is particularly helpful during cold weather.

Our selection of shutter mounted wall exhaust fans includes over 40 models to choose from, with airflow capacity ranging from 500 CFM to nearly 12,000 CFM.

Cabinet Mounted Wall Exhaust Fans

Operating within its own enclosure, a cabinet mounted wall exhaust fan can move a huge volume of air in a short span of time. These can be mounted high or low on the wall, depending on the nature of the activity going on inside the building or area.

These are high-volume units, able to move air at rates ranging from 5,000 CFM to over 40,000 CFM.

Panel Mounted Wall Exhaust Fans

Our panel mounted wall exhaust fans utilize a direct drive system, meaning the fan blades are mounted directly on the armature of the motor. This makes the most efficient use of electrical power, and, depending on the size of the fan blades, can deliver nearly 50,000 CFMs.

Centrifugal Wall Exhaust Fans

While most fans create airflow that is parallel to the motor shaft, a centrifugal wall exhaust fan spins the air at right angles to the motor using centrifugal force. Because of this misdirection of the air, a centrifugal exhaust fan is able to create a nearly unimpeded flow of air.

The airflow is typically directed upward, to roof vents, where it is dispersed to the atmosphere.

Hazardous Location Wall Exhaust Fans

Hazardous location exhaust fans are used in environments which may contain explosive gases or dust. They come with an explosion proof motor and spark resistant construction. Great for paint booths, battery charging rooms, and fuel storage areas.

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