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Refrigerant Changes for AC Units in 2025New AC Refrigerants for 2025

If you are reading this, you are probably already aware that heat pumps and air conditioners will be required to phase out R410a and over to new refrigerants… However, the big question is why and how it will work?

The rule goes into effect January 1st, 2025. At this point, new condensers operating on R410a cannot be manufactured or imported. However, if it is already made, you can continue to install R410a systems for the remainder of the 2025 year.

So what is going to happen to R410a?

R410a will be around for a long time to come. It has been used in the United States since 1995 and is in a majority of the homes currently. As units need repair, the technicians will still be allowed to fix, repair, and even swap out your condensing unit with R410a units.

After December 31st, 2025, all new systems will be required to be on one of the new refrigerants. If you are only replacing the outdoor unit, you can still replace with an R410a unit if it is available. However if both indoor and outdoor units are being replaced, a new refrigerant system will need to be installed.

What new refrigerants are there?

Currently there are two refrigerants that are replacing R410a. The two refrigerants are R32 and R454B. Different manufacturers are planning on using different refrigerants and currently there isn’t a benefit of one over the other. As a consumer, the biggest question you will need to ask is which does your technician prefer or make sure that they are using the correct refrigerant when working on the unit.

Both new refrigerants are expected to be ~15% more expensive than the current R410a refrigerant and the newer units will be more expensive as well.

What does all these refrigerant changes mean to you?

Not a whole lot. R410a will still be very popular and cheaper for the next several years. After the new units become more widely available and used the price of those refrigerants will start to drop and eventually be cheaper than R410a as R410a increases due to demand and lack of availability. If you plan to live in your home for 10+ years, get a new refrigerant model. If you would prefer to save some money now or plan to sell or move before the unit will start to have issues, go with the R410a units.