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7 Zone | 7 Room Mini Split Systems

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Buy 7 Zone Ductless Mini Split Systems - Shop our huge selection of 7 zone mini split systems that provide independent climate control for seven different rooms (zones) in your home. These systems are perfect for families that haggle over thermostat settings, older homes/apartments with no ductwork, and commercial offices.

We have the best prices online and thanks to our Lowest Price Guarantee policy, our prices will always be the lowest, no matter what advertised price may appear on a competitor’s website. Take advantage of free shipping and fast order turn-around on our 7 zone mini split systems.

Mini Split Zone Math

Shipping can be a drawback with some distributors, but not with us. Nearly every multi zone mini split system we sell ships free and our turn-around time is nothing short of sensational. Orders are typically shipped within seven business days.

A ductless mini split multi zone system isn’t exactly the new kid on the block. If you’ve always had a traditional central air system and need to replace one or you’re building new, this will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

With a mini split system each zone has its own air handler, coil, and more importantly, for many families, its own thermostat. A zone can be a room, a pair of adjacent rooms, a passageway, commons area, and even a garage or finished basement.

All the zones feed from one condenser/compressor, which sits outside on a slab and connects to the air handlers – not via traditional ductwork – but via refrigerant lines that pass through small holes in the walls. The heat transfer occurs at the point of need, in accordance with the settings for that zone.

Our wide selection of systems are actually all multi zone mini split heat pump systems, where the condenser/compressor is capable of running in reverse in the winter, supplying heat to the house, rather than extracting heat from the house.

You will notice on the left section of the page a set of numbers that resemble math problems. These are the BTU ratings for the various systems. For example, a 7+7+7+7+9+9+9 means there are seven air handlers in the package deal. Four of them are rated at 7,000 BTUs (expressed as a 7) and three of them are rated at 9,000 BTUs (expressed as a 9).

Small, well insulated rooms can be serviced adequately by a 7,000 BTU unit. Larger rooms, or small rooms with less-than-ideal insulation or large windows/openings require larger capacity air handlers. Essentially, the larger the zone, the larger the BTU capacity should be. Our systems have air handlers that rate as high at 18,000 BTUs to cover the need of virtually any zone in your home.

Choosing the right multi zone mini split system doesn’t need to be overwhelming. If you have any questions, please contact our award-winning customer service team. Our representatives have many hours of training in HVAC principles and in the products we sell. They can answer questions, provide advice, and walk you through the process of placing an order. has over 8,000 verified customer reviews at an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Why Choose a Ductless Mini-Split System?


Mini split systems tend to be a lot more efficient than your typical central split systems. SEER ratings for mini split systems usually range from 18 SEER all the way up to an amazing 30 SEER. With SEER ratings like that, your system will be able to reduce your energy bills significantly compared to standard central split systems.

Zone Climate Control

Ever wanted different rooms in your house set at different temperatures? Mini split systems allow you to set each zone a different temperature and giving you the power to control the temperatures throughout your house easily.

No Ductwork

Ductless mini split systems are exactly as their names would lead on: Ductless. Ductwork is not needed for mini split systems and instead they use copper line sets to run the refrigerant to the indoor units. This allows you to place your air handler in the space that you want it and requires less maintenance than a duct system.


Ductless mini split systems have sound ratings as low as 19 dB for the inside unit. With sound ratings that low, it means that they can operate quieter than a whisper. This allows you to stay comfortable without being distracted by annoying noises.