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Gas Fireplace Inserts

Electric Fireplace Inserts

There is a lot of confusion between the terms "fireplace" and "fireplace insert." A fireplace is the whole thing; whether made of stone, masonry or steel, all installed into an opening in the wall, and vented all the way to the roof.

A fireplace insert is basically just a stove that is inserted into an existing fireplace. Its primary drawback is its size. By design, it has to be smaller than the fireplace it’s inserted into. To combat this purely cosmetic deficiency, manufacturers have introduced some chic, charming, eye-catching models that look as good as they perform.

Some are replicas of old fashioned wood stoves, while other replicate a burning stack of logs with amazing realism and others are ultra modern with sleek, artsy designs.

Electric Fireplace Heaters and Inserts

There was a time when the mere mention of an electric fireplace heater brought visions of a shiny rotating drum, colored lights and not much heat. Things are quite different now. Today’s electric fireplaces and electric fireplace inserts are bigger, brighter, more efficient, far more stylish and much warmer than the old school models.

Gas Fireplaces

For heating efficiency, you simply can’t beat a gas fireplace. We offer multiple choices in direct vent and vent free fireplaces. Direct vent is the more independent of the two types. Direct vent means the units have their own vent, and they operate independently of any other heating devices in the house. Vent free fireplaces do not require a vent and have monitoring systems to maintain proper oxygen levels in the room.

The styles available in either type run from traditional to whimsical, and many have various options on grilles, glass, doors, fireboxes, wood stacks, and media.

*Disclaimer - Some states, cities, and/or municipalities have restrictions around vent-free gas fireplaces. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure you are following all laws & regulations in your area regarding vent-free fireplaces. For example: California does not allow vent-free appliances, Colorado does not allow vent-free appliances in some areas due to altitudes, and Massachusetts does not allow vent-free appliances in bedrooms or bathrooms.

See-Thru & Multi-side Fireplaces

The old homestead was never like this! With these charming innovations, you can have one fireplace serving two rooms, and look equally beautiful from either side, or from all sides, with multiple sided units.

Wood Burning Fireplaces

The charming ambiance of a real wood fire can be replicated but never duplicated. Our inventory of wood burning fireplace inserts makes it easy to spruce up your old fireplace and refresh it as your room’s focal point.

Fireplace Builder Boxes

These are "turn-key" models built with the contractor or home builder in mind. These include wood burning and gas units that install easily and predictably to make contracting bids a bit easier.

If you have any questions, or need help ordering, call a customer service representative today.

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