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Save with Free Shipping and Wholesale Prices on manufactured and mobile home furnaces. Select from fuel options including oil, gas, and electric on a wide range of mobile home furnaces for sale. We proudly offer manufactured and mobile home units from top brands including Style Crest Revolv and Thermo Pride.

Browse our selection of mobile home furnaces to choose from a variety of units. We sell gas furnaces and electric furnaces for mobile homes. A Mobile Home Propane Furnace has lower fuel costs and is more efficient than an electric furnace while lasting up to 20 years. However, these units are more expensive to install and require more frequent maintenance.

Electric Modular Home Furnaces are easier to install and maintain, have a longer lifespan (up to 30 years) and are quieter. These benefits are countered, though, by higher fuel costs and lower efficiency. Generally speaking, a gas furnace is the better choice for colder regions while electric furnaces are ideal for warmer regions.

Whether you’re shopping for gas or electric mobile home furnaces, you’ll find the best deals at We also have traditional oil furnaces. These provide the most heat per BTU but have the highest fuel and maintenance costs.

You can shop by furnace type, heating BTU’s, efficiency rating and kilowatt level to find the right unit. Each furnace is fully enclosed in a cabinet with a vented door. They can be connected to a central A/C system as well for a complete HVAC solution.

In addition to furnaces from leading brands such as Style Crest and Thermo Pride, our phones and instant-chat are staffed from until 10 p.m. Monday-Friday with Saturday hours, too. We’ll make sure you get the best furnace for your home.

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