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  • Central Air Conditioning Buying Guide

    Need a new central air conditioning system for your home but not sure where to start? We've created this central air conditioning buying guide as an unbiased how-to guide to assist homeowners just like yourself in making the best choice when selecting a new central AC system for your home.

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  • What is the approximate cost to replace central air system in house?

    Thinking about replacing your central air system but not sure what it’s going to cost you? We can help! Calculating the cost is probably one of the most daunting steps during the process of replacing your central air system. In this article we’re going to break the process into its two most important parts - determining what you need and determining the cost of what you will need. Continue reading

  • What BTU Furnace Do I Need For My Home?

    When you buy a furnace and AC, size definitely matters. Heating and cooling equipment may all look similar at first glance, but systems are actually very different, and capacity is one main differentiator. To maximize your investment when buying a furnace, it is critical that you buy the right size furnace. HVAC Direct has compiled the furnace buying guide below to assist you as you buy a furnace online. Continue reading

  • Make a S.M.A.R.T. choice when you buy a new AC!

    When it’s time to purchase a new air conditioning system, take these SMART steps! SMART purchase decisions help ensure you’ll get the best system that meets your needs and budget.

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  • Buy Residential ACs from your trusted AC Wholesaler

    Just because you want to buy a residential AC or buy air conditioner condensers online, doesn’t mean your options are limited or expensive. is a trusted and reliable AC wholesaler that has multiple offices and distribution centers on the East Coast of the United States. We recognize the importance and convenience of buying online compared to buying in the store or through huge wholesalers that only care about making money. With prices that fit any budget and products that are reliable and high-quality, is a trusted AC wholesaler that cares about the customer first! Continue reading

  • Dangerous Summer Heat Causes Surge In Air Conditioning & Cooling Costs

    Summer is here and we're seeing a surge in A/C sales. Summer air conditioner sales are nothing new - all it takes is a quick search online for the term summer air conditioner sale and you'll see what we mean. But there's more to this seasonal temperature jump that's causing an uproar this year; it's also the added complications being caused by the heat wave.

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  • How Does A Heat Pump Work?

    Heat pumps are widely popular across the country, providing both efficient heating and cooling. Learn more about how they work and the advantages of heat pump systems.

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  • What Are Packaged HVAC Systems?

    When searching for a new heating or cooling system, there are many different types of equipment for home and business owners to select. One economic choice which is well-suited for most residential and commercial applications is a packaged unit.

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  • HVAC Damage Caused by Winter Weather

    Winter weather causes problems across the country, from poor road conditions, slips and falls, and even HVAC system damage! Many homeowners think their furnaces are safe because they’re not exposed to the elements, and their air conditioners are protected because they’re not in use. Here’s how winter weather can hurt your HVAC systems.

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  • Ductless Heating and Cooling for Residential and Commercial Use

    Ductless Heating and Cooling - Home and business owners are turning to ductless mini-split heating and cooling systems for greater control over comfort and energy savings. These systems are the perfect solution for applications where installing ductwork is not possible, due to space or even financial constraints.

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