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  • Facts About Split System Heat Pumps

    When it comes to air conditioning, you have a few different options for your home. The one you pick will depend on your own needs, and what your home already has installed. A split system heat pump could well be what you need to control the temperature and make your home comfortable. Here are some facts about the system, to help you decide if this is the one you need.

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  • What is a Ductless Mini Split System? 

    HVAC Direct features the best ductless mini split systems for homes and businesses. In fact, ductless mini-splits are designed for easy, DIY installations. You do not need special training or tools to install these popular heat pump and AC systems. Ductless mini split brands offer balanced air and comfort year round.

    This includes the 24K, 12K, and 36K models, which come with detailed product listings and installation instructions. For optimal heat and cooling, these units will truly meet your needs within time and budget. As always, we are here to help you every step of the way.

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  • Choosing Residential Air Conditioning for Apartments

    If you live in an apartment, then you’ve probably struggled with limited airflow at some point. By the very nature of their design, apartments can’t get the same amount of air moving through when compared to a traditional freestanding home. Not only does this reduce the quality of the air in an apartment, but it can also make apartments unbearably hot during the warm spring and hot summer months.

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  • Two Major Differences between AC Unit for Mobile Homes and Standard Homes

    Regular housing and mobile homes vary in some significant ways and these differences affect the HVAC solutions that every kind of housing can hold.

    Bear in mind that manufactured and mobile homes are delivered to a site in partially built pieces, unlike a conventional home that's built completely onsite. This needs some differences in the installation and design of a mobile home's HVAC system units.

    Understanding these differences is significant when troubleshooting HVAC issues. Here are the differences between the two.

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  • What is an Air Conditioner Condenser?

    Air conditioning is an incredible invention, one we are all thankful for. AC, as we know it today, was first devised in 1902 by a young man named Willis Carrier. It is said that he stood on a train station platform in Pittsburgh, peering into the fog. Suddenly, he realized he could dry air by passing it through the water to create fog.

    But even into the 1930s, air conditioning was used only in movie theaters and other luxurious places, but it was not until the 1950s, in the post-World War II economic boom, that residential air conditioning became popular. Suddenly, more than 1 million air conditioning units were sold in 1953 alone. By the 70s, window units were losing their popularity as the central air was developed. The units consisted of a condenser, coils, and a fan.

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  • Simple Home Tips to Save Energy with Your Goodman Air Conditioner

    Having an air-conditioned home is essential in many areas of the United States. Particularly throughout the South, temperatures can soar almost year round. Even in the Northern extremes of the country, summer temperatures can be sweltering. A quality air conditioner ensures that your home is comfortable at all times.

    Of course, to get the best results, you’ll need not only a reliable unit like a Goodman Air Conditioner, but you’ll also need to do some things around your home to ensure that your unit is running as efficiently as possible.

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  • All abut SEER Ratings-What You Need to Know

    As a consumer, you have a lot to consider when purchasing air conditioners and other key appliances. A significant factor to consider when selecting an HVAC system is energy efficiency. A SEER rating is what indicates a system's energy efficiency.

    Therefore, it's imperative you understand the ratings for your units so you choose the right unit for your budget and home. Fortunately, we have a wide range of quality products, including Goodman heat pumps, which feature high ratings. Here's what you need to know about SEER ratings.

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  • What is a Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner?

    It's possible to transform your home or any room within the home into a comfortable oasis, dry and cool in the summer and cozy and warm in the winter. A ductless mini split gives you exact temperature control even in spaces you think would be impossible to repair.

    Controlling a ductless heating and cooling system is easy. You simply use a remote to obtain the ideal temperature with the touch of a button. These systems have several possible applications in commercial, residential, and institutional buildings.

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  • Different Condenser Types and Goodman Air Conditioner Condensers

    Condensers are the most important component in any air conditioner unit. Whether you are looking for Goodman Air Conditioner condensers or any kind of condenser for an HVAC, there are some things that you can learn to give you a better understanding of why condensers are so important.

    If you’ve ever questioned Goodman AC condenser price or just wondered why a condenser is so critical, then this is the crash course that you need.

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  • Save Time and Money with a Pre-Charged Line Set Mini Split AC Condenser

    If your air conditioning needs at home are modest, then you don’t need to go for the largest air conditioner condensers on the market. There are a number of effective solutions for smaller homes and single room installations, including pre-charged mini-split air conditioners that make installation and operation much easier and more convenient.

    If you only need cooling for living areas, or if you don’t want to install ducting for cost reasons, then you could find the perfect ductless mini split systems at HVAC Direct.

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