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  • Types of Air Conditioning

    When installing a new air conditioning system there are many things you need to consider. Ultimately, the choice of air conditioning that you choose has to be one that is determined by:

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  • How Do Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners Work

    If you’re looking for an air conditioning system that provides targeted cooling and heating comfort, then you definitely should consider purchasing a ductless air conditioner. Also known as mini split air conditioning systems, ductless air conditioners are convenient for most American homes as they’re easy to install and not expensive to buy or maintain. In fact, you can install your own ductless air conditioning system and only call an HVAC professional to confirm that you have installed everything perfectly.

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  • Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split Overview

    If you currently have a traditional air conditioning unit, chances are you probably have noticed that there are some areas in your home that have an insufficient airflow while others seem to have too much air conditioning. The good news that with a Mitsubishi mini split, these shortcomings are a thing of the past.

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  • Heat Pump: When To Know You Need A Replacement

    When winter comes, a knocking it is hard to imagine getting by without a reliable heat source for your home. A Goodman heat pump makes life cozy for you and your family during the cold seasons, which explains why you need to tell when it’s, time to get a new one. After all a chilly winter is no fun at all for anyone!

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  • Goodman Air Conditioner Units Overview

    Goodman is a top-notch manufacturer of HVAC systems and has had major success building robust heating and cooling units for both residential as well as commercial buildings. In designing their units, Goodman places much emphasis on efficiency to the customer, reliability, and comfort. Goodman has built a strong brand loyalty with their efficient yet competitively priced units.

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  • Types of HVAC Systems

    Have you recently carried out an energy efficiency assessment of your home? If so, there is no better time to decide which HVAC system is best suited for your home.

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  • Troubleshooting Your Goodman Heat Pump

    Has your heat pump been acting up again? Is it not cycling correctly or does it just not run? This article offers expert advice on how to troubleshoot and fix your heat pump problems.

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  • Get The Most Efficient Furnaces For Your Home

    Get The Most Efficient Furnaces For Your Home

    The best furnace that you could buy for your home isn’t just one that keeps you and your family toasty and comfortable in the winter, but one that provides a certain level of efficiency. Such furnaces should be dependable, low maintenance, and energy efficient. specializes in providing homes and businesses with state of the art, dependable heating and cooling options, including our premium line of Goodman furnaces and air conditioners. We proudly stand behind our Goodman heating and cooling systems, made right here in America and designed with integrity and reliability. At, you can find Goodman furnaces at the most affordable prices on the market.

    But what makes Goodman furnaces so great?

    Goodman earned their high reputation in the industry by choosing to focus not on brand recognition and consumer targeted advertising, but on designing, engineering, and manufacturing dependable, affordable heating and cooling systems that are available to millions of homeowners, no matter the size of their budget. The most popular brand of American made heating systems in the nation, here are some of the reasons millions and millions of homes are now using Goodman furnaces for their home heating:

    • Cutting edge, energy efficient technology is used during the manufacturing of every Goodman product, ensuring that each unit is energy efficient and reliable.
    • Variable options that help homeowners choose a unit that meets their needs, based on price, home size, and included features.
    • High scores in Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings, year after year.
    • Reliability and extended lifespan compared to similar heating units, which means less maintenance and less replacements.

    What You’ll Get With a Goodman Furnace

    Higher Energy Ratings

    • High efficiency gas furnaces have a rating of 90%+ on the AFUE scale, meaning that homeowners have used 90% of each dollar spent heating their homes. Goodman’s energy efficient furnaces are considered highly efficient by the EPA, garnering a rating of 97%. What this means for homeowners? A reduction in heating and energy costs.

    Multi-Speed PSC Blower

    • Compared to single-speed motors, the Goodman Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) electric multi-speed blowers offer lower energy consumption, saving you money on your electric bill. With multiple speeds to select, it ensures that your furnace will meet every comfort level with lower system noise than other brands.

    Multi-Speed ECM Blower

    • Expect higher efficiency from Goodman’s electronically commutated motor (ECM), which gives you longer lasting components and more efficient energy consumption when compared to multi- and single-speed motors. The ECM motor will switch between speeds, depending on the system requirements, helping you save even more on utility bills.

    Tubular Heat Exchangers W/ Wrinkle Bend Technology

    • It is a system designed for durability and lossless heat transfer, the primary heat exchanger being designed with tubular aluminized steel. Using wrinkle bend technology protects the tubular design from stress, keeping Goodman® furnaces in top condition. This technology also helps with efficient heat transfer.

    Goodman energy efficient furnaces are designed for efficiency and a longer lifespan. With lower energy costs throughout the year and an extended period between upgrades, Goodman® has become a symbol of affordability for homeowners, irrespective of their budgets. Investing in a more efficient heating system is sure to not only keep your family comfortable all year round, but to save you money.

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  • Goodman Air Conditioner Condenser and Indoor Unit Maintenance

    If you have neglected to clean your Goodman air conditioner condenser (the part of the AC system that is fitted outside) you probably are not getting as much use from your AC unit as you should. There are several factors that can wear out your condenser faster and reduce its efficiency including:

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  • What is a Heat Pump

    Don’t be fooled by the name, heat pumps do more than just heat. In addition, they also provide humidity control as well as air conditioning. During hot summer days, a heat pump transfers cool air from the outdoors and into your home.

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