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  • Why Choose HVAC Direct?

    preview-full-Goodman Funance PicturesWe here at have 75 years of experience in the Heating and Cooling Industry. We have over 100,000 square feet of workspace, and make sure to provide the best products for your specific application, not the most expensive. We have many different systems for each season. You can find our cooling systems such as air conditioning, heat pump condensers, and heating systems at HVAC

    Proper Security

    We understand the dangers of getting scammed online when purchasing equipment from websites. At HVAC Direct we make sure your money is safe when you complete a transaction on our website. PayPal is also an option for a more secure payment measure.

    Now that the Holiday Season is by us

    Consider updating an older unit; it may be costing you or a family member more money each year then you think. Whether it is for yourself or as I said above, a family member as a gift, you can buy high quality branded equipment like Goodman Air Conditioners and Goodman Furnaces.

    Choosing a new Heating and Cooling Unit is something that you can do with our help. As always, we make sure you are buying high-quality products at a reasonable price to avoid overpaying.

    Furnaces to Keep You Warm

    Keep yourself, friends, and families warm with our wide array of choices of furnaces. Our Goodman Furnaces and Carrier Furnaces whether electric or gas should surely fit your needs and your budget.

    Shop With Us

    If you want or need us to give your HVAC Unit a checkup and add simple home enhancements to help your air conditioner perform at its peak, we can do that. This will keep your unit running efficiently and effectively. We provide professional advice on standard and customized HVAC needs anywhere in the U.S. If you have any questions, concerns or inquiries, you can contact us toll-free at 800-397-1392.

  • What is a Split System Heater?

    In modernizing efficiency in today’s world technology has created opportunities for advances that can greatly benefit consumers. While carries many options heat pumps for sale, there are some important things that consumers should know to help them select the best unit for their use. Heat pump split systems, also known as mini-splits, are a great option to consider for your home to maximize economic benefits and efficiency.

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  • How to Choose a Heat Pump

    Heat pumps cool and heat homes effectively and as a result, they've grown considerably in popularity in recent times. Unfortunately, however, most people are less familiar with heat pump units though they comprehend how air conditioners and furnaces work.

    These systems offer an effective and energy saving way of providing cooling and heating to our homes. Furthermore, they can save between 25% and 50% on your utility bill.

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  • Three Reasons Gas Logs are Safer than Firewood

    Expect for those who enjoy winter or snow-related activities, the cold weather can be pretty harsh. Wearing layers of clothing and having to shovel snow, or feeling chilly by being outside for just a few minutes, winter is not necessarily everyone’s favorite season. Some respite can be found in coming back to a warm home with a soft glowing fireplace to make you feel warm and comfortable again. Not only is a fireplace useful especially in a colder climate, but it is also an aesthetically-pleasing part of any home. You could put up family photos and other items to display on the mantle and have comfortable furniture to lounge around on as the fireplace soothingly spreads warmth throughout the room.

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  • Shopping Guide: How to Buy a Furnace

    How to buy a furnace is a question that has been asked by many homeowners over the years. While the answer depends on your specific needs and goals, there are some constants that can truly help you make a worthwhile decision. This includes cost and value, along with whether you want to repair your existing unit – or buy a new furnace online.

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  • Why Your Detached Garage needs a Separate Furnace

    When the winter season is in full swing people want to stay indoors, drink hot chocolate, and snuggle up with a favorite TV show. Even with snow on the ground people still have to carry on with their everyday schedule whether it’s going to work, meeting up with friends and family, or just running errands. This requires having to head out to the garage to get to the car or to retrieve winter supplies that have been in storage since spring.

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  • Get your Home Ready for the Winter with these Heating Systems

    Prior to the start of the winter months, you may need to get some things done around the house before the extremely cold weather settles in. You may want to clean out the gutters, check your home for air leaks so that warm air does not escape out of any cracks, make sure your air ducts are in order, and that you have indoor and outdoor bulbs that you need everywhere since you have less daylight in the winter months. Another very important aspect is having a good heating system that will work efficiently for you throughout the cold weather months. If you are in the market for a new heating system, you can find a variety of heat pumps for sale at

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  • Is your Home Losing Heat? Here's How to Find Out!

    There is nothing more frustrating than a cold property for any home or business owner. No truer is that during those icy and frigid winter months. While you may have a furnace in place, why is it no longer heating your home or business? The answer can range from mechanical failures to common wear and tear. If your unit is no longer performing at peak rates, it may be time for a replacement or upgrade. At, we feature a wide array of Goodman furnaces for all residential and commercial properties.

    Goodman is a seasoned and reputable brand with the stellar customer and industry reviews. As a top-of-the-line and quality gas furnace system, Goodman is guaranteed to keep your property nice and toasty during those blistery cold nights. With this in mind, we invite you to browse our extensive inventory of Goodman furnaces at the lowest prices. As the most reliable and cost-affordable indoor products on the market today – we guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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  • Pick up a Goodman Heat Pump for your Guest House

    Heat pump condensers have become popular throughout the Southern United States, thanks to their excellent efficiency in the demanding conditions. Particularly in the South East, heat pumps are seen as essential during the cooler months of the year.

    If you regularly have friends and family staying in your guest home, then a Goodman heat pump would be an excellent upgrade. Your guests will be more comfortable, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re making a great investment by buying one of the most trusted heat pump condenser units.

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  • Is A Gas Fireplace Right For Your Home?

    At this time of year, there's nothing better than a roaring fireplace. You can snuggle up in your living room and enjoy the warmth they bring. However, open fireplaces do require a lot of work, and maybe you want to find an alternative. Here's why a gas fireplace could be right for you if you're looking to renovate your home.

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