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At HVACDirect.com, we carry a huge selection of ductless mini splits for sale. Choose from 1-zone, 2-zone, 3-zone and 4-zone mini splits all the way up to 9 zones. Our multi-zone mini split systems s are perfect for cooling – and heating, no matter the number of rooms you have.

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In addition, these ventless air conditioner models are very efficient. They are also quicker, cheaper and easier to install, because they don’t require the purchase and installation of ductwork.


What is a ductless mini split?

A ductless mini split is a variant to the basic central air setup, but instead of a single condenser feeding a single air handler, a ductless mini split might have multiple air handlers. Central air uses ductwork, and all rooms get the same air treatment; with a mini split, each room is served individually by its own air handler. No ductwork is used.


Why Choose a Ductless Mini-Split System?

Ductless mini split systems battle reigning champion central air systems for supremacy in the home building/home improvement market. While central air uses powerful equipment to move staggering amounts of air throughout the whole house via ductwork, mini split systems isolate the air movement to the rooms where it is needed, using in-room air handlers for the task.

The main benefits include:


Mini split systems tend to be a lot more efficient than your typical central split systems. Many mini splits boast high SEER ratings. (SEER is short for seasonal energy efficiency ratio, an industry standard for measuring the efficiency of air conditioners.) SEER for mini split systems can be impressive. The ratios usually range from 18 SEER all the way up to an amazing 30 SEER. With ratings like that, your future system will be able to reduce your energy bills significantly compared to other heating and cooling solutions.

Zone Climate Control

Have you ever wanted different rooms in your house set at different temperatures? Multi zone mini split systems allow you to keep each zone at a different temperature, giving you the power to control the temperatures throughout your house easily and exactly the way you want.

No Ductwork

Ductless mini split systems are exactly what their names would lead you to think they are: ductless. You don’t need ductwork for mini split systems. Instead, they use copper line sets to run the refrigerant to the indoor units. This allows you to place your air handler in the space where you want it and requires less maintenance than a duct system.

The lack of ducts makes these ventless air conditioner systems an especially smart choice for when installing ductwork would be too costly or unnecessary. Mini splits offer an easy workaround.

Mini splits are available to control anywhere from one to nine zones. The typical home will need four or five indoor air handlers. These air handlers are available in a variety of mounting options. Wall-, floor- and ceiling-mounts are some of the choices.

Unbelievably Quiet

Ductless mini split systems have sound ratings as low as 19 dB for the inside unit. With sound ratings that low, it means that they can operate quieter than a whisper. This allows you to stay comfortable without being distracted by annoying noises.

HVACDirect.com carries a wide variety of mini splits, meaning you can find exactly what you need here for your situation. A mini split/ductless AC unit can offer an affordable and efficient solution for your cooling needs. For heating, a ductless heat pump is most suitable if you live in an area where the temperature doesn’t drop below freezing. If you live in a colder place, you can still use mini split heat pumps, but you might want to consider a backup heating system as well.

Questions? We have answers. Our customer service staff and HVAC technicians are ready to help you pick exactly the right ductless AC system for your situation. Call us toll free or instant-chat with us Mondays through Saturdays. We are also available via email.

How many square feet does a mini split cool?

A mini split can cool a large house – over 3,000 square feet - if the equipment has the appropriate BTU rating. Depending on factors like geographic location, ceiling height, insulation depth and the extent of windows, you can expect to need 25 to 60 BTUs per square foot of living space.

How are ductless mini splits installed?

The installation process for a mini split system is much easier than that of a traditional system. In fact, most DIY systems follow a 3 step process of:

Mini split air conditioning systems are a great solution for keeping a single room climate controlled, but did you know that wall-mounted and other ductless mini splits can control the temperature in multiple rooms? Mini splits provide a smart way to regulate the temperature in different parts of your home exactly the way you want to.

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Systems consist of two main parts – an outdoor compressor or condenser paired with an indoor air handling unit. In most cases these air conditioner systems are connected with a conduit that includes a drain line, refrigerant tubing, suction tubing, and a condensate drain. Check out our full line and buy single zone mini split air conditioner systems here and be sure to check out the Daikin Mini Splits Heating and Cooling Systems we have for sale as well!

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