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FAQ's - See Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do mini splits use a lot of electricity?

A: Mini splits typically consume far less electricity than central AC and heating systems, making them an energy-efficient alternative. Most of them consume about 600 watts per hour. However, energy consumption varies depending on use, temperature settings, and the unit’s condition.

Q: What kind of maintenance do mini splits need?

A: Cleaning a mini split is very easy. Light cleaning and dusting periodically with a dry cloth or vacuum is recommended. Every 4-6 weeks, inspect, and clean your indoor unit’s air filter. Make sure your system is turned off before opening the cabinet. Inspect your outdoor unit periodically and remove any leaves, debris, and keep nearby shrubs trimmed away from the unit.

Mini Split cleaning can be done by either the homeowner or an experienced HVAC technician. Always follow the manufactures instructions on how to best clean your mini split.

Q: How long is the life expectance of a mini split system?

A: Much like heat pumps, ductless mini splits can provide both heating and cooling with a typical life span of 20-30 years if taken care of properly. The life span does shorten however, in coastal areas.