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We feature a robust inventory of air conditioner condensers, from traditional single stage compressors to two stage and variable speed air conditioners. We’re proud to feature Goodman Air Conditioner condensers, one of the brands in central air conditioning and HVAC systems. Goodman AC condensers are equipped with sound-dampening, quality construction to ensure quiet operation and efficient performance.

Also consider our AirQuest by Carrier air conditioners, top quality central air units with the same technology as Carrier but at more affordable pricing. Be sure to check out our other AC equipment we offer such as heat pumpsheat pump split systems, and more.

An air conditioner condenser is the outdoor unit of a split HVAC system. It can be paired with a coil and air handler in a split AC system or with a furnace and coil to create a complete central heating and cooling system.

The AC unit contains a heat exchanger section to cool down and condense incoming refrigerant vapor into liquid, a compressor to raise the pressure of the refrigerant and keep it moving and a fan that blows outside air through the heat exchanger to cool the refrigerant inside. Air conditioner condenser units are located outside of buildings and homes and include tubing between the condenser and the building; one for vapor refrigerant entering and another for liquid refrigerant leaving the unit.

We offer air conditioner units with three different compressor stage options: single-stage, two-stage and variable speed. Single stage is the most common compressor type for central air systems and basically turns on at 100% when your home temperature goes above your thermostat setting. Dual stage and variable speed compressors have fewer on and off cycles, and therefore are much more efficient. Two stage (or dual stage) compressors have two capacities, one at 100% and one at 50%, while variable speed has several different settings, allowing your home to cool more efficiently, reducing indoor humidity and moisture, and creating a more even and continual temperature in the home.

The heart and soul of an air conditioning system is the condenser, where the refrigerant is compressed and circulated, so that it can do its job of absorbing heat and expelling it to the atmosphere. In some cases, when the condenser fails, it’s cost effective to replace the entire system with a brand new one.

Depending on the age of the overall system, condenser repair might be your best option. It’s not a minor undertaking, but it still costs less than a replacement. The primary source of trouble is usually the compressor, a pump with a powerful motor that pressurizes the refrigerant. AC Condenser Repair Guide - Fixing Condenser in AC | Information Library

If condenser replacement proves to be the best option, a good choice would be a Goodman condenser. Different Condenser Types and Goodman Air Conditioner Condensers | Information Library Goodman recently announced that the company would begin using Emerson two-stage scroll compressors in some of its systems.

A two-stage compressor runs at either 65 percent or 100 percent capacity, instead of all-on and all-off, as with conventional compressors, resulting in greater comfort, shorter run times and better performance at all temperatures.

How long does an AC condenser last?

An AC condenser lasts approximately 15 years. At that point, either refrigerant leaks, reduced performance or overall failure signals the end of the unit’s lifespan.

How long does it take to install an AC condenser?

Installation of an AC condenser takes about four hours, if no other repairs or installations are performed.

How much does an AC condenser cost?

Buying an AC condenser from your local installer will cost between $3000 and $7000, plus labor. You can expect labor to be nearly half the cost of the purchase price. When you buy from, you are buying the condenser at wholesale prices and saving thousands of dollars on your replacement cost.

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