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DIY Mini Splits are a split HVAC system made for the DIY-er in you. A DIY Mini Split gives the possibility to transform any room's heating and cooling system with a ductless and customizable option without tying anything into your current system. We offer MRCOOL, ACiQ, and Perfect Aire DIY ductless mini split systems at wholesale prices with free shipping and fast order processing. 

Money Savings

Cooling and heating your home can get expensive due to increased utility bills. Along with increased utility cost, other factors such as your equipment's efficiency, and insulation. Fortunately, you can add a ductless mini split air conditioner and discover how a mini split can decrease your monthly payments. Ductless Mini Splits use less energy, resulting in up to 20% - 30% a month in addition to saving hundreds by not hiring an installer.

Easy Installation

Although several manufacturers of ductless systems need licensed contractors to install, the DIY system is perfect for a person to install themselves. With no special tools required, you can have a system installed in a few hours. These DIY mini split heat pump systems have parts that fit together easily, are fully charged with quick connect refrigerant lines, and come with easy-to-read instructions to make sure you do the job right. 

Room to room control

  • Single Zone DIY Mini Split - One air handler, and one condenser.
  • Dual Zone DIY Mini Split - Two air handlers, and one condenser. 
  • Tri Zone DIY Mini Split - Three air handlers, and one condenser. 
  • Quad Zone DIY Mini Split – Four air handlers, and one condenser. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Are DIY mini splits really DIY?

    The benefit of a do it yourself heat pump is that you can do it yourself. DIY Mini Split kits are easy to install with no special tools necessary. If you are looking for a resource, click our link on How to install a DIY Mini Split . You do not need a license to install a DIY mini split. DIY packages are designed for homeowner installation, no exposure to refrigerant and no high-end knowledge of HVAC principles. However, a mini split installation requires electrical work, and for that portion we advise you to find a licensed electrician.

    Is MRCOOL the only DIY mini split?

    Along with MRCOOL also carries ACIQ and Perfect Aire. Our DIY selection includes up to four zones. Zones refers to the number of applications a DIY Kit can cover. For each room you will need one air handler.

    Is it cheaper to run a mini split?

    A Mini Split System is much more efficient than a central AC/heating system and window AC. In addition, a Mini Split unit can also be used to heat a home.

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