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Commercial Split HVAC

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With commercial split systems, you can keep everyone comfortable and content, and save money in the process. Our selection of commercial air conditioners, heat pumps, and air handlers allow you to build the perfect system for your business, office, or industrial space. All of the commercial and industrial units we sell are durable and provide long-lasting and reliable performance, energy-efficient operation, as well as an outstanding warranty.


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We’re delighted to partner with Daikin Industries, the No. 1 air conditioning company in the world. Through this partnership, we’re able to offer top-grade quality at budget-friendly prices.

We are also pleased to offer ACiQ commercial units which provide the same high-quality HVAC system you get with the Carrier brand but at an amazingly affordable price. These units include A/C condensers, heat pump condensers, and air handlers. ACiQ commercial equipment comes with a manufacturer’s warranty on the unit's parts and compressor.

The options are many, and we have the equipment in stock, ready to ship, to support whatever option you choose. Our heat pump and air conditioner condenser units range in size from 3 to 10 ton, and we also carry air handlers for upflow and horizontal flow configurations.

Commercial split systems are like traditional residential systems with a condenser resting outside the building, feeding an air handler on the inside through a duct system. The big difference is, the commercial system has a larger capacity, stronger airflow, sturdier sheet metal and heavy duty internal components for longer life and greater dependability in a day-after-day work environment.

It’s crucial to fine-tune your AC system to your business’s needs and environment. Some facilities need more help than others, for various reasons. The good news here is, has real solutions - solutions that have worked wonders for our clients, many of whom are repeat customers.

Whether your business or commercial facility is large or small, resides in an old venue or new, is basic or complex, can help make it more comfortable for less money than you ever dreamed possible. Call an representative today and get started!

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