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Canarm HVAC Ventilation

Canarm is a worldwide manufacturer of dependable ventilation products for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. Get Canarm exhaust fans at wholesale pricing with an expert team of customer service representatives that are ready to help.

Shop Canarm – one of the most respected brands in the exhaust fan industry, plus our partnership with them gives us an edge on pricing. We’re also among the first to stock new products when they come out. So, no matter your need, we and Canarm have the solution.


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Our selection of exhaust fans includes fans for light use applications, with CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) ratings of under 500 all the way up to breeze busters that move the air at over 12,000 CFMs. With various configurations of fan blade size, pitch, motor size, electric phase, and louvers/shutters, you can fine tune your ventilation system perfectly. Canarm shutter mount exhaust fans represent the most productive and yet unobtrusive fans available today.

Canarm fan reviews from users establish the fact that these units are built with quality in mind. Powder coating on all exterior parts helps maintain the finish and integrity of the metal, which is important for equipment that stays up on a wall and is expected to do its job without a lot of thought.

Exhaust fans are basically either belt driven or direct drive, each having its own set of advantages. Belt driven fans are generally more adaptable to variations in RPMs and typically cost less. The motor is offset from the propeller and a belt & pulley system supplies the motion to the blades. With a direct drive system, the motor shaft is connected directly to the blade, resulting in an even and quiet, but difficult to regulate turn speed operation. Maintenance on these air products is low, regardless of drive type.

An exhaust fan with a shutter is recessed into the wall, and the fan blades are hidden from view when not in service. We have fan motors ranging in power from 1/20 horsepower to 1 horsepower, adaptable to either 120 volt or 240 volt service. Propeller sizes range from eight inches to 42 inches.

If you need additional information, most models include free, downloadable PDF files covering topics regarding operation, installation, technical specifications, and product features. Also, our team of customer service reps can offer expert advice, answer questions and assist you throughout the ordering process.

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