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Enjoy your patio and deck even more when you save with wholesale pricing! Plus, check out our favorite unique fire pits!

Every item on these pages represents the latest in the evolution of outdoor entertainment products, where last year’s novelty idea is this year’s standard feature.

GAS FIRE PITS & TABLES - Fed by clean-burning propane gas, these fire pits deliver warmth and charm with ease. Regardless of your budget, has something that will perfectly fit your family’s needs.

WOOD FIRE PITS - There’s something about tossing another log on the fire or stirring the embers that brings back memories of special nights in the great outdoors. Our wood-burning fire pits combine safety and convenience with style.

FIRE PIT TABLES - Fire pits are combined with tables for the ultimate in cozy outdoor dining and entertaining. These include wood-burning and propane units, some with natural gas conversion kits.

FIRE PITS & BOWLS - Understated and simple, these products are traditional backyard staples.

OUTDOOR FIREPLACES - They’re more than just fireplaces that have been moved outside. They’re showpieces, conversation starters and triumphs of design. They’re available in gas or wood fuel.

DIY FIRE PIT KITS - You or your installer can create a one-of-a-kind fire pit for your family with these kits, which include log stacks, igniters, burners, connectors and more.

FIRE PIT ACCESSORIES & FURNITURE - The finishing touches for your patio, porch or outdoor living area.

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