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Ventilate your shop or commercial space quietly, effectively, and nearly invisibly with an inline duct fan from Vents-US - one of the best manufacturers in the business. We’re one of the largest distributors for Vents-US and we have the best prices online – guaranteed.

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Inline fans are mounted with, or even inside, the ductwork, pushing interior air to the outside. The design, size, and power of these inline exhaust fans vary greatly, according to the purpose. Some inline fans work in tandem with other devices, as do dryer booster exhaust fans, which help expand air flow coming from the dryer to reduce drying times. A radon fan helps eliminate the presence of radon gas though the ductwork, so that it doesn’t drift back into the building or room.

Inline Mix Flow Fan

A mix flow fan is a hybrid combination of an axial fan, where the air flow runs parallel to the armature of the motor, and a centrifugal fan, where airflow moves radially from the center. With Vents US fans, light weight does not mean light duty. These dynamos can move air at a rate of up to 2000 CFMs (Cubic Feet per Minute), though their diameter can be as small as four inches.

Mix flow fans are typically quiet, use regular house current and their compact size makes installation easy in tight spaces.

Inline Fans

All mix flow fans are inline fans, but not all inline fans are mix flow fans. We have a robust selection of inline fans, including axial, centrifugal, and mix flow fans from four-inches to eight-inches, with air movement ratings from 150 CFMs to nearly 2,000 CFMs.

Easy on the budget, relatively quiet, and easy to install, inline fans can make a huge difference in air quality. Most of our models are intended for installation inside ventilation shafts, so they do not take up any additional space. From an aesthetic standpoint, the fans are out of sight, leaving the clean lines of the ventilation ducts unbroken.

Bucket Fans, Destratification Fans & Radon Fans

Maintaining air quality in a large room or commercial space needn’t be a complicated process. Our inventory of venting fans breaks up the layers of air, lowers the overall temperature slightly, and helps disperse annoying and harmful fumes that stack up near the ceiling.

Shutter and Through-Wall Fans

A wall mounted exhaust fan with shutters is old school, but there’s no question of its effectiveness in compact areas. We have surprisingly powerful wall mounted fans that do their job then hide behind shutters when not in use. They are available in centrifugal and axial air flow configurations.

You will find devotees and detractors for each type of fan, so getting the most information possible will help you decide what’s best for your situation. The product page for each of these models includes free, downloadable PDF files that describe the operation, maintenance, features, and installation of the fan.

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