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Plastec Corrosion Resistant Fans

Toxic, corrosive fumes can be harmful to your employees and machines. Circulate the air in your work environment with Plastec ventilation products, available at wholesale prices. Plastec Ventilation Inc. is a leader in the field of industrial fume exhaust fans and offers a large inventory of corrosion resistant fans for numerous applications.

Chemical resistant extraction fans not only protect the workers and help meet air quality standards established by OSHA, but they also protect themselves from untimely deterioration. Plastec fume extraction fans are suitable for use in laboratories, water treatment plants, hospitals, schools, warehouses, and chemical manufacturers. We have an extensive inventory of Plastec products at the lowest prices online, free shipping for most items, and fast order turnaround.


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Plastec Forward Curve Blowers

Plastec 10 and 15 Series blowers are designed to exhaust fumes from corrosive environments without adding to the noise level in an industrial setting. These are outfitted with a variety of inlet and outlet sizes, ranging from three inches to six inches and are primarily intended for use in scrubber applications.

Starting with light duty 1/4-horsepower fans going all the way up to 10-horsepower dynamos, these forward curve blowers move an astonishing amount of air. CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) ratings run from 100 CFMs to over 9,000 CFMs.

Plastec Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal fans are the real workhorses in an industrial ventilation system. We have a large selection of direct drive fans that move massive amounts of air. They do their jobs seamlessly, without adding to the noise pollution that commonly occurs in an industrial setting.

Motor sizes range from 1/4-horsepower to 7 1/2-horsepower. These marvels of kinetic energy move air at speeds of 200 CFMs on the light side and up to 5,000 CFMs for the heavy-duty models.

Plastec Electrical Components

Ventilation control has entered the 21st century with electronic monitoring and programmable features that keep ventilation fans running at peak performance at times of peak need. These frequency drives operate in four different modes, and each can be customized for maximum benefit.

A properly programmed frequency drive can save energy, extend the life of ventilation devices, and provide a safe environment for workers.


We carry even the small parts that make a big difference in a ventilation system. We stock couplers, dampers, stands, brackets, vibration isolators, disconnect switches, and all the gadgets that make a ventilation system work the way it was designed to. We have everything you need, in stock and ready to ship.

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