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Gas Fire Pit Burners & Kits


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Burner kits come in a variety of sizes, styles and shapes, with stainless steel connectors, hardware, control devices and chrome reflectors. Several models include log stacks for a touch of amazing realism.

Our gas-fueled burner kits include both propane and natural gas options, so that you can select the right burner for your setup. Many of these have electronic ignition, and some are match-light, but all have gas controls to get the flame to just the right intensity.


Other than the fact that the logs never burn up, you’d have a hard time telling that these aren’t real. With lava rock filling the bottom, the log stacks look like the perfect campfire. supplies the working parts, and you supply the structure for a totally unique focal point for your patio, backyard or outdoor living area. Call one of our customer service representatives for guidance, not only for your product choice, but also for resources that will help you with the build.

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