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Style meets function beautifully when you add a fire pit or bowl to your patio, deck, or porch. has models ranging from small and simple to stately and artistic, demonstrating the latest in fire pit innovation.

We have over 100 models to choose from, each with its own special flair, to warm up and brighten up your patio. Match the size and output of the unit to the size of the area you entertain in and extend the outdoor entertaining season by weeks.

The many ways fire can be contained and displayed are limited solely by the imagination, and the fire bowls available through reflect the best of the best in design, function and reliability. Our fire pits and bowls are diverse in the way they display your outdoor fire, from wood-burning units to gas models with electronic ignition and adaptability to propane and natural gas.

These come with stunningly beautiful finishes, including custom-blended concrete, steel, alloys and copper. Many have cutouts and etchings on the surface for a truly artistic statement.

For small patios or for areas where not much heat is needed, small bowls can create a cozy, romantic atmosphere. For larger areas, such as campgrounds, big backyards, restaurant patios, and waterfront landings, fire pits and bowls up to six feet in diameter can deliver impressive waves of heat, and take the chill out of the night air.

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