Gas Furnaces for Mobile Homes

If you have access to natural gas or propane, a gas furnace is an excellent mobile home heating option. This type of furnace for trailer home layouts provides plentiful, efficient and affordable heat.

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*Looking for a Propane Furnace? All Mobile Home Furnaces include a "Propane Conversion Kit.

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A mobile home gas furnace works much like a furnace for a regular home. These central heating units use the home’s ductwork to quickly deliver cozy heat while costing far less to operate than an electric furnace.

However, mobile homes and trailers require a specialty furnace design due to their limited space. Our manufactured home gas furnaces are much smaller in size and designed to fit in a dedicated closet. They also have additional venting to release exhaust gases directly outside.

Shop now for a variety of mobile home furnaces that use natural gas or propane. They’re available in several heating BTUs at either 80% or 95% efficiency to provide the right amount of heat for the Zone In Which You Live. A gas furnace with a coil cabinet can also be combined with an air conditioner and condenser as part of a year-round central HVAC system.

While is known for our low prices, saving money doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. We carry a full lineup of Style Crest Revolv gas furnaces. This company specializes in manufacturing products for manufactured homes and mobile homes, so you will be getting a furnace designed for your home.

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