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Goodman - Electrical Heat Kits and Heating Coils

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Bring heat to your air conditioning system with an electrical heat kit that interfaces with the AC systems we sell. An electric heat kit is not a heat pump coil or heat strip, but a furnace heating coil that produces heat directly and distributes it through your central air handler. They’re also great for electric packaged units.

We carry a wide inventory from top flight manufacturers like ACiQ, Bard, Style Crest and Goodman. Heat pump coil is great, but it does have its limits, especially in areas with colder winters. Sometimes your AC system needs the help of a heating coil. HVAC systems are marvels of efficiency and expandability, so adding a ACiQ, Bard, Style Crest or Goodman electric heat kit is easy.

Our heat kits are perfect for all the air handlers we stock as well as packaged units, where all the components sit together in a steel cabinet. The technology behind these electric heat kits results in high heat output and high efficiency in a small space.

When ordering, make sure you order the same brand as your air handler. For instance, a Goodman 10K electric heat kit or any Goodman heater coil should be installed on a Goodman air handler. While Goodman is our top brand for heating coils, we have furnace heating coils for all of our other brands, as well.

If you have any questions relating to these quality products, feel free to contact our knowledgeable customer service staff.

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