TXV Kits

What is a TXV Kit?

Your system will operate more precisely and with greater efficiency by installing a TXV kit. The valves that come in a TXV kit offer more control over how much liquid refrigerant enters the evaporator coil. The valves only allow precise amounts of liquid into the evaporator coil and help to ensure that all liquid that enters is fully evaporated before more liquid is allowed. This helps in preventing too little liquid from entering the evaporator which generally makes the system run less efficiently. A TXV kit also prevents too much liquid from entering the evaporator which can cause excess liquid in the suction line. Thermostatic Expansion Valves (TXV valves) can be mounted in multiple positions on the evaporator coil inlet and are reliable, efficient and virtually trouble-free once installed. Select the TXV that corresponds with the tonnage of your air conditioner or heat pump, as well as to match the type of refrigerant your systems uses, R-22 (standard) or R-410A (new alternative).



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TXV kits are an amazing piece of technology. If you knew a simple upgrade could help make your air conditioning system more efficient (and save you money!) wouldn't you jump all over the chance of installing one? In most cases installing a TXV kit does all of that and more as soon as it's installed. Browse our inventory of TXV kits and don't hold back; if you have any questions regarding buying the correct kit for your system contact our helpful customer support team and we'll be happy to try and help you.

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