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ACiQ's traditional HVAC branch is made by the same manufacturer as brands such as Tempstar and Comfortmaker, both of whom are widely known for their air conditioner and furnace systems. ACiQ has the same great quality and amazing performance that you expect from its sister brands, just with a different name and a much lower price.

Compare ACiQ’s SKUs and specs to its sister brands:

Heil | Tempstar | Payne | Day & Night | KeepRite | Comfortmaker | ArcoAire

ACiQ boasts the exact same traditional products as its sister brands offered by other online resellers and your local HVAC companies. These brands all carry the same specs and SKUs, making it easy for you to purchase from in order to get our amazingly low prices, free shipping offers, and outstanding customer service.


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Surround yourself with advanced, long-lasting comfort. Using only high-quality components and years of experience; ACiQ is trusted by contractors and homeowners alike. Replace your home's HVAC system and save thousands compared to local prices! Don't get overcharged and sacrifice your family's comfort. Call or chat with our friendly, 5-star customer service team for additional assistance in sizing and replacing your old HVAC system. 


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ACiQ is one of the best choices in air conditioning in the US. Manufactured by the same company as other popular brands like ArcoAire, Comfortmaker, Heil, Tempstar, and Bryant, their units contain the same technology found in its sister brands but at a much more affordable cost. ACiQ Brand Spotlight & Reviews | | Information Library

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes ACiQ HVAC?

Most ACiQ HVAC is made by the same parent company as a multitude of other brands, like Tempstar and Comfortmaker. Their HVAC equipment - whether it's condensers, air handlers, furnaces, or coils - is identical across all related brands. Their equipment goes a step further with high tech extras, heavier duty plating and more elaborate designs, but the subsidiary brands all manufacture the same product (just with different nameplates attached). ACiQ's sister brands are trusted names that has earned the respect of legions of installers and users for more than a century. ACiQ offers the same great quality in a simpler, less expensive package for those who need excellent HVAC products on a budget.

How Can I Buy ACiQ Systems?

To buy affordable ACiQ furnaces and HVAC equipment, look no further than Our selection of air conditioners, boilers, evaporator coils, heat pumps and other products will keep your building (and wallet) comfortable.

Why Does ACiQ Cost Less?

Since ACiQ systems have less flashy bodywork than other HVAC systems and don’t have the same investment in branding and marketing, they don’t cost as much to produce. As such, choosing AirQuest heating and air conditioning products means a system that costs a lot less without sacrificing quality.

Thanks to our wholesale pricing and free shipping, we can save you even more money on ACiQ AC units. Check out any other air conditioner prices and we think you’ll agree. When you need heating and cooling equipment, ACiQ has you covered.

What Is The Warranty?

ACiQ specializes in manufacturing quality Air Conditioner Systems at great prices. All of the ACiQ AC units we sell come with a 10-year manufacturer’s parts warranty. Our inventory also includes ACiQ Furnaces, Air Handlers, Heat Pump Systems and other equipment so you can trust your entire HVAC setup to ACiQ.

Is It Safe To Buy These Systems Online?

Buying an ACiQ air conditioner online is safe, secure, and fast when you shop here. If you’re not sure which one is right for you or have other questions, simply call us toll-free or use instant-chat to speak with our sales staff or a certified HVAC expert.

Which is Better: an Air Conditioner or a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a better option in many applications. Heat pumps are particularly beneficial in warmer climates, where demand for heat is less intense. However, new advances in compressor technology have made heat pumps a viable option even for more northern locales. Air Conditioners vs. Heat Pumps: Which One is Best for Your Home? | | Information Library

Should I Replace my Furnace with a Heat Pump?

You should replace your furnace with a heat pump if you have relatively mild winters. The fewer winter days below 35° the better. You can still have a heat pump system even if you live in areas with slightly harsher winters, but keep the furnace on standby, or purchase an optional electric heater with your heat pump for particularly cold days. Heat Pump vs. Furnace - Which is Right for Your Home? | | Information Library

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