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ACiQ Heating & Cooling

ACiQ offers a smarter way to heat and cool your home, office, workspace or even commercial projects! With the recent addition of split system HVAC equipment into the ACiQ product line, our range of products and systems address every need: from a 9,000 BTU PTAC to a 20 ton commercial packaged Unit. Reliable, affordable, and backed by the best warranty in the industry, there really is an ACiQ system or unit for every project out there, whether commercial or residential. You’ll find ductless mini splits, furnace & AC systems, heat pumps and more, always at wholesale prices and powered by the most advanced engineering on the planet.

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Residential ACiQ

ACiQ air conditioning systems, standard heat pumps and gas furnaces are manufactured in partnership with the maker of trusted brands like Bryant and Tempstar. This company also happens to be the manufacturer of the nation's top HVAC brand. However, because our prices are that much lower than the same exact products from ACiQ's sister brands, they will not allow us to mention them by name! As one of the largest HVAC manufacturers in America, and one of the originators of modern air conditioning, they share our commitment to advanced engineering, affordability and reliability. Because of our partnership, we are able to offer homeowners the highest quality HVAC systems at the lowest prices in the business. With ACiQ onboard, your home just got a whole lot smarter!

ACiQ Mini-Splits

Versatility, efficiency and affordability: these are the hallmarks of the popularity of mini split systems. Whether you are cooling and heating a small addition with a 9K single zone unit or addressing a complex 5-bedroom home with a finished basement, ACiQ mini splits are the answer. Available in wall mounted, ceiling cassette, floor mounted, slim ceiling, ducted or concealed duct versions, ACiQ mini splits are the most advanced, efficient, and affordable option for modern homes everywhere. 

Commercial ACiQ

Our ACiQ rooftop packaged units are built to last, for those big jobs that require increased tonnage and space-saving adaptability. ACiQ PTAC’s are the go-to solution of hospitals, hotels, casinos and office projects that want individual controls and choices within the same building. HVAC professionals appreciate the quality, engineering, and efficiency of ACiQ commercial systems, along with the Industry Leading 10-year warranty!

ACiQ for Mobile Homes

ACiQ mobile home systems come with our Lowest Price Guarantee, assuring our customers of the best pricing as well as the efficient performance and durability these systems provide. Perfect for use in modular construction, trailers and mobile homes, these units and coils are built specifically to address the tight fit and specific challenges our customers encounter. 

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Homeowners and HVAC professionals face similar questions. Where can I find reliable, efficient heating and cooling systems at affordable prices? Which type of system is best for my home or project? Is a heat pump system, a mini split system, a gas furnace and air conditioner system, or some other type the best system choice for me?

At we speak to millions of customers every year, so we know what matters most to them when heating and cooling their homes and offices! ACiQ has homeowners and pros covered no matter which way they decide to go for their heating and cooling system choices. You will find ductless mini splits, furnace and AC systems, heat pumps, commercial-rated units, mobile home-approved systems, and more, always at wholesale prices and powered by the most advanced engineering in the HVAC business.

Residential HVAC

ACiQ's Residential HVAC equipment is manufactured by the same parent company of trusted brands like Bryant and Tempstar. This company also happens to be of the nation's top HVAC brand. However, because our prices are that much lower than the same exact products from ACiQ's sister brands, they will not allow us to mention them by name! As one of the largest HVAC manufacturers in America and one of the originators of modern air conditioning, our parent company shares our commitment to advanced engineering, affordability, and reliability.

Furnace & Air Conditioning Systems (occasionally referred to as "central air conditioning systems") are the backbone of the traditional home heating and cooling HVAC industry. Millions of homes are heated and cooled every day by a furnace in their basement or attic and a condenser outside their home. We have an extensive line of system configurations that will cater to your homes specific needs - tonnage, BTU rating, SEER or SEER2 rating, AFUE, cabinet width, you name it. We got you covered. Don't know what specific system you need? Check out our Sizing Guide or give us a call!

Heat Pump Systems from ACiQ offer all electric heating and cooling solutions to homeowners in parts of the country that used to be chained to propane tanks and gas heat. Our heat pumps are among the most efficient on the market. And we didn't stop there... ACiQ's advances into Inverter technology have given us a source of reliable electric heat all the way down to -22°F, as well as AC efficiencies rated as high as 28 SEER! Whether you're using a traditional heat pump or an inverter heat pump, ACiQ offers affordable electric heating and cooling, no matter where you live!

Live in an area where you don't need heat that often? Do you have an alternate heating system (such as a boiler system) and only need cooling? Maybe you need just an air conditioner and an evaporator coil but not a new furnace? We have you covered there as well! Our full lineup of Air Conditioning Systems include not only the typical air conditioner + air handler system configurations. We also carry systems consisting of ACs and evaporator coils that can be added onto your existing gas furnace.

Maybe instead you need a new furnace and coil to pair with your recently-replaced air conditioner or heat pump. We have systems configured for that as well! Check out our Furnace & Coil Systems for all your full indoor system replacement needs.

Growing in popularity with each passing day, Dual Fuel Heat Pump & Furnace Systems take advantage of electric heat generated by a heat pump for those days where a furnace is not fully needed. These systems are designed to combat expensive gas bills by limiting furnace use to just the coldest wintry days. We also offer these systems with our inverter heat pump condensers as well, giving you one of the most efficient systems you could ever own! Interested in upgrading but you don't want to replace your furnace? Heat Pump and Coil Systems are also available, including ones with our high efficiency inverter condensers!

A Packaged Unit (sometimes called a "self-contained" unit) is a type of unit that takes all the elements of a split system and houses them in one convenient unit that sits outside your home. They require no additional space inside your home for installation - just connect them to your ductwork and you're all set! Packaged units very popular for homeowners in the southwest US region as well as mobile and modular homes thanks to how much space they save. ACiQ offers three different types of residential packaged units:

  • Gas Packaged Units - This is your standard furnace and air conditioner system in a single package. These are also occasionally referred to as "Gas Packs" or "Central AC Packages".
  • Heat Pump Packaged Units - Your heat pump and air handler system, perfect for those that don't have nearly as much wintry weather as homeowners in the north.
  • AC-Only Packaged Units - Your air conditioner and air handler system for those that lack colder weather. Electric heat kits are also available for each unit for those 'just in case' precautionary measures!

Not looking for a full system? While we do highly recommend making a full system replacement to save on installation costs, we have plenty of individual units available for purchase as well!

  • Air Conditioners - Available in both SEER1 and SEER2 efficiency ratings. Limited quantities of SEER1 available; please note that homeowners in the southern US region are NOT able to purchase or install a SEER1 air conditioner as mandated by the US Department of Energy.
  • Heat Pump Condensers - Available in both SEER1 and SEER2. Southern US homeowners ARE allowed to purchase and install a SEER1-rated heat pump condenser. We recommend doing so to take advantage of the price difference between a SEER1 heat pump and a SEER2 AC.

  • Furnaces - Available in efficiencies up to 97% and BTU ratings up to 150,000. All furnaces are capable of converting to propane furnaces with their respective propane kit accessories. California residents: click here for ACiQ's assortment of Low NOx furnaces.

Mini Split HVAC

Ductless heating and cooling is a big part of the future of HVAC, with Mini Split Systems leading the market in popularity thanks to their efficiency, versatility, and affordability. ACiQ is among the foremost brands in mini split engineering, performance, and cost. ACiQ turns out to be the smartest choice in category after category.

ACiQ Single Multi-Zone Mini Split Systems: The big news in ductless heating and cooling, mini split systems offer discreet indoor air handlers and outdoor compressors for heating and cooling any size home or project. The best news is ACiQ’s use of the variable speed Inverter technology, a newer advancement that is slowly growing with popularity among the HVAC industry. ACiQ developed Extreme Heat compressors that deliver reliable heat to 22 below zero while attaining AC efficiency ratings up to 31 SEER! Mini split heating and cooling will never be the same. The variety of air handler options from ACiQ means homeowners can do whatever they need to do to make their home smarter. ACiQ offers these options:

Best of all ACiQ has Multi-Zone Systems that allow customers to mix and match air handler types in one system!

Commercial HVAC

Whatever the size Commercial HVAC project, ACiQ has the tonnage to get the big jobs done! Traditionally starting at 3 tons, most commercial HVAC packaged units are configured for either 208/230v single phase, 208/230v three phase, or 460v three phase power configurations to appropriately match the power configuration of the building they are equipped to. Commercial packaged units are installed either on rooftops or on the ground next to the building, just like a residential packaged unit. We have a variety of gas packaged commercial units available in all three major power configurations. Our units have sizes up to 10 tons and are often used in installations of more than one unit, based on the total tonnage needed for the project size. Unlike other online commercial HVAC wholesalers, we have an assortment of commercial packaged units in-stock and ready to ship!

In addition to our gas packs, we also have an assortment of Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (otherwise known as PTACs) available for purchase! Capable of both heating and cooling, ACiQ's PTACs are the perfect choice for your hotel, school, hospital, casino, or even smaller-scale uses like a finished basement or home office!

Mobile Home HVAC

ACiQ's Mobile Home Systems come with our Lowest Price Guarantee, assuring our customers of the best pricing as well as the efficient performance and durability these systems provide. Perfect for use in modular construction, trailers and mobile homes, these units and coils are built specifically to address the tight fit and specific challenges our customers encounter.

The breadth and scope of the heating and cooling systems that ACiQ provides is meant to answer every need that homeowners and HVAC professionals encounter when replacing failed HVAC or starting fresh in commercial and residential HVAC selection. ACiQ believes every home deserves the perfect heating and cooling system, whether it be a traditional residential HVAC system, a mini split system, a commercial packaged unit, a PTAC unit, or even a system for your mobile home. From the best warranty anywhere to the highest efficiency standards, ACiQ is simply smarter HVAC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes ACiQ?

ACiQ air conditioning systems, standard heat pumps, and gas furnaces are manufactured by the largest HVAC manufacturer in America, who also happens to be the seller of the nation’s #1 brand. However, because our prices are SO LOW, they will not allow us to mention their name! They must protect their current market share where typical home systems retail between $15,000 to $25,000 for the identical equipment that we let you buy direct for under $3,000. We offer homeowners and contractors the highest quality and best warranty HVAC systems in the industry at the absolute lowest price. With our industry-leading, high-tech ACiQ equipment, your home and your savings just got a whole lot smarter!

Is ACiQ a good brand?

ACiQ is among industry leaders in engineering standards, performance, affordability, and reputation. They feature professional tech support staff and award-winning customer service. ACiQ offers the best warranty guarantee of an HVAC brand.

How much does an ACiQ HVAC system cost?

ACiQ is priced to consistently offer the lowest prices for the highest quality HVAC anywhere. The typical ACiQ customer saves over a thousand dollars on an HVAC system, and receives free shipping on all systems, furnaces, and condensers as well.

How long should an ACiQ HVAC system last?

Many systems last over 15 years with proper maintenance. ACiQ offers a variety of warranties on each product, some of which will last up to 12 years with online registration. Our warranty expresses confidence in our engineering & manufacturing that our systems will outlast that 12 year window.

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  • If you need to replace existing equipment, we will review the ACiQ options that suit your project best. Let us guide you to any/all accessories needed for your project.
  • If you are starting from scratch, we will quickly help you calculate what you need and account for all the real factors involved such as insulation, geographic location and climate, and square footage.
  • Our free shipping and real-time inventory methods mean you receive a tracking email as soon as your shipment leaves our dock! Because we concentrate on advising you about which items are in stock, most orders leave our warehouse within 48 hours!

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