Commercial Heat Pumps

A Daikin split system commercial heat pump provides year-round comfort to any business or office. A heat pump split system can take care of both your heating and cooling needs and save you money in the process. A heat pump is an air conditioning condenser that is configured to work “in reverse” in the wintertime when heat is needed rather than cooling. You get a heater and air conditioner in one efficient unit. Our wide selection of air source heat pumps ensures that we have your heating and cooling needs covered, and our state-of-the-art products can save you an amazing amount of money on energy bills. Our inventory of heat pumps includes 230- and 460-volt units ranging from 3 to 10 tons.

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Heat pumps extract heat from the air. They do so using the same process as an air conditioner. The difference is that while an air conditioner extracts heat from the interior and expels it to the atmosphere, a heat pump condenser extracts heat from the atmosphere and forces it inside - the exact opposite.

Heat pumps are superior to electric furnaces in terms of energy usage, but they do have their limits. They are effective only in external temperatures of 35 degrees or warmer. When the outside temperature drops to 35 degrees or colder, a typical heat pump struggles to keep up with demand.

For this reason, split systems that include a heat pump should be used in areas where the winters are fairly mild, where cold spells are short, and the temperature remains above 35 degrees for a large percentage of the time; or in situations where you have affordable alternative heat sources. Our trained customer service reps have all the geographic region charts and numbers needed to determine if a heat pump is suitable for you.

Another determining factor is the size of the areas you want to heat. The larger the cubic footage, the larger the capacity of the system needs to be. Large windows and doors, unusually high ceilings and drafty areas also increase the demand on a heat pump.

Call today, get some questions answered, and discover how your investment in one of our fine systems will pay dividends for years to come!

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