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AC+ Heat

The Future of HVAC is Here: Inverter AC+ Heat.
Double the Efficiency and the Savings. All in 1 Unit.

Uncompromised heating and cooling performance that offers a lifetime of savings.

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Next-Level Efficiency

Provides ultra high performance in conditioning your home at the best efficiency possible.

Easy Installation

Compatible with any existing home ductwork for quick and simple installation.

Month-After-Month Savings

Immediate impact on your utility bills as soon as you install, saving you as much as 50% compared to your older system.

Dual-Fuel Compatible

  Combining the power of our heat pump with a gas furnace will provide consistent heating and save you from high electrical bills in the coldest months of the year.

Inverter AC+ Heat Condensers

Inverter AC+ Heat Condensers are the future of central air conditioning systems! Replace your old, worn-out AC or heat pump condenser today and immediately cut your heating and cooling bills in half.

- Compatible with existing ductwork to ensure a perfect integration with your existing HVAC setup

- Delivers 100°F Heat for the ultimate comfort in the cooler months

- Compatible with existing furnaces for a dual-fuel setup with 100% backup heat

- Small unit size and silent noise output, making it easier to conceal in your yard

Inverter AC-Only Condensers

Not feeling the heat? Don't worry, our inverter technology is built into cooling-only AC condensers as well!

- Compatible with existing ductwork to ensure a perfect integration with your existing HVAC setup

- Compatible with existing furnaces for a traditional heating and cooling setup

- Small unit size and silent noise output, making it easier to conceal in your yard

Hybrid Inverter Systems

The ultimate dual-fuel system for your AC/Furnace replacement. 

- Maintain high-efficiency performance down to -22°F

- 12 year warranty

- Rebates available

- Competitive pricing

Inverter AC Systems

The more traditional approach to the ultimate AC system, utilizing an AC-only inverter condenser rather than a heat pump. 

- Higher efficiency versus traditional AC condensers

- 12 year warranty

- Quiet performance

- Competitive pricing

The Dual-Fuel Advantage

Heat pumps are a highly efficient option when weather is hot, but when it becomes extremely cold, the heat pump has to use a backup heating system to provide heat for your home. This means you lose out on its efficiency and end up paying as much as you would save in the summer. A dual-fuel system changes that by having a gas furnace working alongside your heat pump. The heat pump's back-up heat would never have to kick on, allowing you to save big in both winter and summer.

We've got more! Shop High Efficiency Inverter Heat Pump & Air Handler Systems

Heating & Cooling all in one unit. Now with greater performance and efficiency that saves you money month after month.

Look for our High Efficiency Upgrades and Save Big!

Our efficiency upgrades are available on all Furnace & AC Systems and AC Split Systems, as well as our traditional Heat Pump Systems and Dual Fuel Systems! You can find them on all 13-14 SEER1 and 13-14.3 SEER2 systems.

These options upgrade the condenser to a more efficient, ACiQ condenser that utilizes inverter technology, allowing you to reduce energy bills by up to 50% in the summer!

Our ACiQ condenser will allow you to heat off of electricity down to roughly 0°F, saving you even more money over the expensive gas used by your furnace. These upgrades pay for themselves within a year due to the increased efficiency over the standard air conditioners.

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NO MORE PROPANE with an Inverter Heat Pump!

Save BIG with Heating and Cooling Rebates!

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you have a heat pump and furnace?

Having a heat pump and furnace is referred to as a dual fuel system. The electric heat pump and gas furnace dual fuel technology combines cooling and heating performance that you get from a heat pump with the consistency of a gas furnace.

How does a dual fuel system work?

A dual fuel heating system is made up of both an electric heat pump and a gas furnace. The system alternates between using each of the two devices, depending on the season, temperature and the function needed, to maximize efficiency and effectively heat and cool your home all year long.

Can I run a heat pump and furnace at the same time?

Furnaces and heat pump condensers are designed to run separately. There are dual-fuel-specific thermostats that will ensure that only one component runs its heat at a time. If both components run simultaneously due to improper setup, the emissions from the furnace will go into the hot coil and will subject the heat pump's compressor to high pressure levels. This can lead to dangerous and explosive results. Always use a certified HVAC contractor when installing new equipment to ensure proper installation.

What is a High Efficiency Inverter Heat Pump System?

High efficiency inverter heat pumps are a unitary ducted system. They are an electric alternative to gas and oil systems for heating your home. They are efficient and can both heat and cool your home. They are a great way to save money on utility bills as they conserve energy.

What is the Difference Between a High Efficiency Inverter Heat Pump System and a Mini Split System?

High efficiency inverter heat pumps use the same technology as mini splits; however, they have been specially designed to work with ductwork. Whereas mini splits have a line that runs from the outdoor condenser to the individual indoor air handlers, high efficiency inverter heat pumps are connected to your ductwork like a furnace.

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