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Coil Air Conditioning Systems

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A coil air conditioner system uses a coil loop to allow the circulation of cooler air inside a room or building. The evaporator coil, which is either attached to the furnace or placed inside an air handler, absorbs heat from the indoor air. From there, the condenser coil carries the heat away and releases it outdoors.

A/C and coil systems are the most efficient option for homes that have a working gas furnace system. These units must be installed by a certified pro — but you can save big bucks when you buy online here and then have the system professionally installed instead of purchasing directly from a local service company.

We carry horizontal and vertical air conditioning coils to match your specific application. A horizontal system is most commonly used in attics and crawl spaces. Vertical air conditioner coil systems include both upflow systems that are frequently used in basements and downflow systems that are typically used in closets.

You also can choose between cased or uncased coils. Cased evaporator coils such as A-coils and N-coils are the most popular because they’re more durable and easier to install. However, if you have an oddly-shaped space, uncased evaporator coils can be maneuvered into the perfect position. provides quality air conditioner and coil systems at the lowest possible prices. Check out the specs on each model in our huge selection to find one that suits practically any application.

If you have questions about any of our systems or aren’t sure which is right for you, call toll-free or instant-chat with us. Our friendly, expert staff will be happy to help.

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