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Propane Conversion Kits

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Buy Propane Conversion Kit For Furnace - Are you a home owner looking to convert your propane furnace to natural gas or vice versa? Our propane conversion kits can help you achieve this in just a few steps. The furnace conversion kits we keep in stock are for Goodman's line of furnace systems. Browse our inventory and contact us if you have questions about the furnace conversion kits we carry.

Are you looking to convert your gas furnaces to a propane furnace or vice versa? We carry natural gas to propane conversion kits for the top furnace brands. This will ensure that couplings, line size and capacity, and mounting hardware all work together as expected.

If you need a gas to propane conversion kit for Goodman, ACiQ, Thermo Pride, or other brands (check specs carefully), then this is the place to find them. Shipping is fast, with most orders going out the door the same day as they were received.