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High Intensity Infrared Heaters

High Intensity Infrared Heaters are extra powerful versions of the typical infrared heater. They emit their radiant heat at a higher amplitude and temperature than low intensity infrared heaters. They also are commonly referred to as box, ceramic, luminous, or spot heaters. These high intensity heaters are designed for commercial and industrial spaces, such as airports, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and so on.

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Outdoor Comfort or Indoor Workspaces-Get Year-Round Efficient, Affordable High Intensity Heat

These Natural Gas or Propane High Intensity Infrared units offer a wide range of BTU choices- from 33K to 160K-ensuring the right unit for any job: whether keeping a medium to large room or workshop cozy, or heating a loading dock, barn or wider service area with repeated exits and entries.

Installation professionals suggest utilizing at a minimum height of 12 feet above floor, and always using at least 4 feet from any combustible materials. All High Intensity Infrared Heaters are constructed from either stainless or aluminized steel for maximum durability and corrosion resistance.

High Intensity engineering means your H.I. unit heats people and objects first, then the surrounding air, for maximum performance and impact in your space. We even offer portable options!

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Consider the advantages High Intensity Infrared Heating offers:

  • Instant heat
  • Energy Efficient & Quiet
  • Simple Install & Built to Last
  • Low Maintenance-no Filters or Components to clean or replace
  • Real Energy Savings
  • The highest Coverage & Temperature in Heating Units

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