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Thru wall air conditioners bridge the gap between window air conditioners and central air conditioners. With the help of, you can discover the convenience and comfort of having an air conditioner that doesn’t occupy a window, cools efficiently, yet costs far less than a central AC system.

We offer a line of wall air conditioning and heating units from Perfect Aire and Amana, two of the most respected names in the industry. With cooling capacities ranging from 8,000 BTUs to 14,000 BTUs, plus heating in many models, you can easily match in the wall air conditioners to the room size. Some of our AC wall units are powerful enough to cool adjacent rooms, as well.

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Essentially, a wall sleeve air conditioner is a window air conditioner, with one significant difference: - an in the wall air conditioning unit vents air straight back, while a window unit vents the air to the side.

Installing a thru wall air conditioner is generally not a DIY project. And while the homeowner doesn’t lose a window, as he would with a window-mounted air conditioner, he does lose some wall space. In nearly all cases, this trade-off is well worth it.

Your installer will cut a hole through the wall in order to mount a metal sleeve that actually holds the air conditioner. Some studs will need to be cut, but the metal sleeve will replace the studs for structural support.

The biggest consideration for an in the wall air conditioner is what’s on the other side. Obviously, it needs to be outside, but ideally, it should be free of anything that would block the vents, or would be harmed by hot air escaping through the vents. Outside walls that face a garage, carport or breezeway are not good choices.

To determine the size of the unit you need, measure your room. Don’t guess, and don’t assume that the more BTUs you have, the better. An overpowered air conditioner doesn’t run long enough to sufficiently rid the air of moisture, which can lead to the development of mold.

Provide your final measurements to the customer service rep, and let him or her help you select the right size thru wall air conditioner for your room.

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