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Provide a clear path by which your air conditioner can drain condensate efficiently and eliminate potential drainage trouble spots with our full line of AC drain products. These were created for the brands and models we sell, and carry our assurance of top quality and low prices.

Our inventory is impressive and includes hard-to-find items like AC drain pans, high temperature drain pans, condensate pumps, utility pumps and safety switches. In most cases, we can ship the same day, so you won’t hold up installation unnecessarily.

Safety Switch

When your air conditioner is working hard on hot, humid summer days, it’s generating a lot of condensate (water). The last thing you need is for a clog to cause the water to run out across a floor or create puddles everywhere. A safety switch detects clogs and shuts off the AC until the problem is resolved.

Condensate Pump

Water doesn’t naturally run uphill, but it will with the aid of a condensate pump. A condensate pump can lift your drainage 15 to 20 feet for efficient removal from the house. Some units come with quick-connect tubing for easy installation.

Drain Pans

Drain pans offer an element of safety for those times when condensate is flowing fast and threatening to overwhelm the drain pipes. We have drain pans for AC units and furnaces, and they are built from heavy duty steel for years of trouble-free service.

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