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Oct 11 - 12

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ACiQ’s Next Gen heat pump systems are designed to have the efficiency of a mini split and yet still attach to your existing ductwork. They are a great option for a homeowner wanting to switch to an eco-friendlier option. Explore our selection below!

For more information check out our FAQs at the bottom of the page!

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  1. 4 Ton 16 SEER ACiQ Stealth Central Heat Pump Split System - ACiQ-48-AH / ACiQ-48-HP
    4 Ton 16 SEER ACiQ Variable Speed Heat Pump and Air Conditioner Split System w/ Max Heat
    Model: ACiQ-48-AHB / ACiQ-48-HPB
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    Special Price $3,940.00
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What is an ACiQ Next Gen Heat Pump System?

ACiQ's Next Gen heat pump systems are designed to give you intelligent technology and superior comfort, all at a reasonable cost. With the ACiQ single zone series system, you get a state-of-the-art, variable, inverter heat pump condenser, paired with a highly efficient ducted air handler. The ACiQ Next Gen inverter condenser and ducted air handler are designed to be installed in homes using existing, standard ductwork.

Do ACiQ Next Gen Heat Pump Systems Heat and Cool?

Yes! ACiQ Next Gen heat pump systems can efficiently cool your home with outdoor temperatures as hot as 110 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat pump can continue to heat with outdoor temperatures as cold as –4 degrees Fahrenheit.

As with any heat pump system, a backup electric heat coil is necessary for continuous heat during extreme cold. Electric heat coils are available for additional purchase as a product accessory.

Are there Rebates or Incentives Available for switching to an all-Electric System?

Depending on where you live, replacing your gas system with an all-electric ACiQ Next gen heat pump system could qualify you for tax incentives or rebates. Check your local government, as well as our rebate center. Even if you do not qualify for an incentive, these highly efficient ACiQ Next Gen heat pump systems can save you money on utility bills.

If you are a resident of California, check out this page for a rebate program that you may qualify for.

Do ACiQ Next Gen Heat Pump Systems Use Gas or Electric?

These systems run on electricity only. These efficient and eco-friendly systems can protect against increasing gas prices.

What Size ACiQ Next Gen Heat Pump System Will Fit My Ductwork and Home?

ACiQ has several different central heat and air systems to choose from. The size that you will need is dependent upon the square footage of your space, the climate zone it is in, the number of windows and the quality of insulation. For assistance in sizing your system, please visit our sizing guide.

To fit your ductwork, measure your ductwork and check the dimensions of the air handler you choose. Plenums, available for purchase, can be used by your installer to aid in making the system a perfect fit.

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