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Goodman AC Units, Furnaces & Heat Pumps

An Amazing combination of low prices & high quality.

Replace your old AC system, build new or upgrade with Goodman HVAC products. Save with prices lower than other brands and get FREE SHIPPING on most orders.

Since 1975, Goodman has concentrated on something more important than simple brand-recognition consumer advertising: They focus on the design, engineering, and manufacturing of dependable products that have helped millions and millions of homeowners achieve reliable, high-quality, and affordable indoor comfort.



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Buy Goodman Air Conditioners Online

Our Goodman air conditioner units, heat pump systems, gas furnaces, and air handlers represent an amazing combination of low prices and high quality. Before any Goodman furnace or Goodman air conditioner leaves its state-of-the-art plant in Houston, TX, it is checked three times for function, appearance and workmanship. Goodman has its heart in America, hiring many ex-vets and helping military families with their residential AC systems.

The Goodman brand is also known for their patented SmartCoil® condensing coils - a super-advanced and efficient 5mm copper coil and aluminum fin combination. Goodman's ComfortNet™ communicating control systems also help high efficiency air conditioners run at the optimum efficiency; no matter the season. But that's not all! Goodman's unique aluminum evaporator coils virtually eliminate one of the most common problems with air conditioner systems - a premature copper evaporator coil failure. Their all-aluminum coils stop the problem of premature coil failure dead in its tracks.

Goodman Air Conditioner & Furnaces Systems - Traditional equipment for areas where the annual temperature swings are substantial. Compressor/condensers, air handlers and full-cabinet furnaces are powerful, efficient and durable.

Goodman Air Conditioner Split Systems - Condenser on the outside, air handler on the inside. Orient the air handler for upflow, downflow or horizontal flow.

Goodman Heat Pump Split Systems - Highly efficient systems for heating and cooling year around. It literally runs the refrigeration process in “reverse.”

Goodman AC Condensers - Compressor technology at its finest. This is the heart of any home’s climate control system.

Goodman Heat Pump Condensers - Heat pumps draw heat out of the winter atmosphere and direct it indoors. The system is amazing and heat pumps are more efficient than ever!

Goodman Furnaces - Prices are always low, but the quality of Goodman’s electric and gas furnaces are the real stars of the show. When winters are brutal where you live, a Goodman furnace is the way to go. Did you know that Goodman is the only manufacturer of the dual-diameter, tubular gas furnace heat exchanger? This distinctive heat exchanger employs wrinkle-bend technology which was developed to deliver extraordinary durability and long-term reliability, ensuring a longer life for your furnace.

Goodman Air Handlers - The air handler does the work of actually delivering the air to the rooms and sending the exchanged air to the outside. Goodman air handlers can move a lot of air quietly and efficiently.

Goodman Air Conditioning Coils - Goodman’s coils are lightweight, but efficient aluminum alloy coils that resist corrosion and leakage.

Goodman Packaged Units - For limited space application, a packaged system provides an excellent solution. Everything – compressor/condenser, air handler and evaporator coil is housed in one heavy duty steel cabinet that sits outside on a slab or a rooftop.

Goodman Mobile Home AC & Heat Pumps - Mobile homes pose specific challenges to climate control, but Goodman has developed a line of systems dedicated to mobile home installation.

For more information on Goodman HVAC products, contact our award-winning customer service department.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Goodman furnaces last?

A Goodman furnace will easily last 15 years with normal maintenance, up to 30 years with diligent maintenance. Goodman’s reputation for longevity is legendary in the HVAC field, attributed to its rugged steel casements, tight tolerances in the manufacturing process and the triple-checking of all components before they ship.

Is Goodman HVAC any good?

Goodman HVAC is good – very good – and makes virtually everyone’s “Top Brands” list, usually within the first three places.

How much should I pay for a Goodman HVAC system?

You should pay considerably less for a Goodman HVAC system. Throughout its history, Goodman has demonstrated that quality needn’t cost more. Efficient manufacturing processes, solid partnerships with suppliers and distributors, high worker morale and a no-nonsense approach to product design keep costs down.

How long should a Goodman HVAC system last?

A Goodman HVAC system should last approximately 15 years. As with any brand, the deciding factor is the failure of the compressor, which can be expected at about the 15-year mark. This is slightly longer than with many other brands.

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