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When you don’t have space to install a traditional HVAC system, Goodman package units can provide the year-round climate control you need. Goodman has been a North American HVAC leader since 1982 and is known for high-quality units at affordable prices. has a large assortment of Goodman packaged units (heat/cooling) for sale that are trusted by both homeowners and installers. We can help you find the right packaged heating unit, cooling system or combo unit at wholesale prices with free shipping.


What is a package unit? Simply put, it’s an all-in-one heating and cooling system with the components all tucked away in a single box. These self-contained units typically are installed in homes where there's not a lot of extra room for a normal HVAC system.

Goodman packaged A/C units can be mounted outside or on top of the home. You’ll typically find them in mobile and manufactured homes or in Southeast homes that often are built without an attic, basement or crawl space.

The Goodman line of package units delivers durability and reliability as well as energy efficiency. A Rooftop Central Air Unit has both a gas furnace and an electric A/C to provide year-round comfort in Western or Northeast areas with extreme weather swings. Goodman Packaged Heat Pumps are the most efficient option in the South where temperatures seldom drop below freezing.

If you already own a furnace and don’t have space for an indoor A/C, order a Goodman Wholesale Packaged Air Conditioner. Their Dual-Fuel Packaged Units contain the best of everything: a standard air conditioner, a heat pump for mild cold and a gas furnace for below-freezing weather.

These self-contained HVAC units come in many sizes to provide your home with efficient heating and cooling. Each unit has a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty so you can buy with confidence. We’re available to help by phone and instant-chat if you have any questions.

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