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DIY Mini-Split Systems

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Add or enhance the air conditioning for a single room or area in your house and save big money by performing the installation yourself. Perfect Aire mini split systems are now available in single zone do-it-yourself packages. With our wholesale pricing, the DIY air conditioners’ energy efficiency and your own labor on installation, you save three ways.

Perfect Aire mini split units are already among the most effective and efficient products you can have in your home. These DIY mini split systems are easy for the average homeowner to self-install.

Included in each set is a condenser/compressor that sits outside, an air handler/evaporator coil for indoors, pre-charged refrigerant lines and all necessary hardware and accessories. Our prices are the best you’ll find online, and shipping on all our DIY systems is free. Shipping is fast, as well, with orders leaving the premises the same day as they’re placed in most cases.

Courteous, helpful advice is always available from our award-winning customer service representatives, who can assist with the ordering process all the way through to completion.

A DIY ductless mini split system can change the way you think about air conditioning. The independence of these systems makes it possible to customize the climate control in just one room – or zone – without affecting what’s happening with the AC in the other rooms.

A Perfect Aire mini split system is ductless – a primary reason they’re sold as DIY systems. There’s no need for ductwork, because the job of delivering air conditioned breezes to the room is taken by the air handler. It’s not just cooling. All our Perfect Aire mini split units are heat pumps which provide heating for wintertime use. A heat pump puts the AC process into reverse gear, pulling heat from the outside atmosphere (yes, there’s heat in the winter air) and delivers it indoors.

All our Perfect Aire DIY mini splits come with connectivity to Amazon Echo systems, smart phones and tablets. (But all good things in moderation; don’t make your AC system deal with wide temperature fluctuations, because you’ll lose energy efficiency if the system has too much “catching up” to do.)

The capacity of these units ranges from 12,000 BTUs to 36,000 – capable of heating and air conditioning a small, medium or even large room, all the while keeping the noise down to a scarcely noticeable hum. Choose between 115 volts or 230 volts. These systems are self-diagnosing in many key areas, like refrigerant leakage, dirty filters and defrosting.

Browse by spec to find the perfect single zone ductless mini split air conditioner for your space. If you find out that you need air conditioning and climate control for multiple zones; be sure to check out our full line of dual zone mini-split air conditioning systems.

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