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Package & Rooftop Unit Buying Guide

What To Consider When Buying Packaged & Rooftop Units 

When looking to buy a packaged HVAC unit, it’s important to consider all your options. We can help you find the equipment that best fits your needs AND help you save big by buying DIRECT from 

Residential Packaged Units

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Residential Packaged AC & Furnace Units

2-5 Ton Options Available In Stock & Ready to Ship

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Featured Brands:

Commercial Packaged AC & Furnace Units

3-25 Ton Options Available In Stock & Ready to Ship

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Featured Brands:

What is a packaged rooftop unit?

A packaged rooftop unit is a complete AC system in which all components are housed in the same heavy duty steel cabinet. The system does not encroach on the living area. It instead serves the area through ductwork. 

How does a packaged unit work? 

A packaged unit works in the same way as a central air system. Warm air is absorbed by coils containing pressurized refrigerant (which is hot, not cold). The air is exhausted to the outside and replaced by much colder air. The system does not produce cold air; it allows cold air to occupy the space previously occupied by warm air. This process can take place in components that reside inside, outside, or in the case of a packaged system, completely within the steel cabinet outside. 

How does Commercial HVAC differ from Residential HVAC? 


Commercial HVAC systems need to ventilate and condition air in much larger structures than residential systems. The components, such as the blowers and condenser fans, are all more powerful to heat and cool larger spaces. 


Commercial HVAC systems allow for diverse indoor climates to coexist in one building. This gives each area independence from the other ares for complete customization. 


Commercial HVAC systems typically have much more complicated ventilation systems since they have to condition air in a much larger space. Also, commercial buildings commonly include such special requirements for restaurants, fitness centers, or other facilities that require strrong ventilation to provide acceptable climates. 

The Differences Between AC, Gas Packaged, Dual Fuel, and Heat Pump

When you only need AC, whether you’re in a southern climate or already have a heat source.

Provides both heating and cooling, perfect for areas with cold winters and hot summers.

Extremely efficient heating and cooling, best for temperate regions.

Combination heat pump and gas furnace for superior energy efficiency.

How do you size a residential or commercial system?  

Step 1

Calculate the square footage of the area to be cooled. Figure out if the office space will be divided into zones that cooled by separate air conditioning units. Keep these measurements separate

Step 2

Next, multiply the square footage obtained for each area by 25.

Step 3

Then, add 400 for each person who works in that particular area.

Step 4

Finally, for each window, add 1,000.

Step 5

The number gained from steps 1 to 4 represent the minimum BTUs that the air conditioning unit should provide. Check the chart below to see what tonnage you need for your Air Conditioner.

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