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For most of us these days, Central Air Conditioning is a given for any household. It is expected that any home built since the 1960s would have a central air unit of some sort in use as their home HVAC system. As these systems age, they are replaced with the same furnace and air conditioning packages as before. This also applies to new home construction and retrofitting older homes that do not have central AC. For these jobs, is your essential supplier for everything you need.

We carry three brands that represent what we feel is the best value out there for homeowners:

  • ACiQ - a member of the International Comfort Product family that delivers the same quality from brands like Tempstar and Bryant, but at lower prices.
  • Goodman - a blue-collar champion that amazes the industry with its performance, popularity, and dependability.
  • Style Crest - a leader of quality mobile home and manufactured home AC packaged systems and parent of the well-known brand Revolv.

Installing a central air conditioning system is a major undertaking, but it doesn’t need to be an overwhelming one. We have systems and components categorized into groups that make it easier to compare brands, to match systems to the need, and match components to each other.

Furnace and Air Conditioning Systems

The most common type of AC system for regions where the seasons run their course without extremes is a Furnace and Air Conditioning System. It combines an air conditioner condenser unit, where refrigerant is compressed and circulated, a furnace, where air is heated by electricity or gas burners, and an air handler, which forces the hot/cold air to the vents and ductwork.

These units are highly efficient, with AFUE ratings (furnace efficiency) of 80% to 98% and SEER/SEER2 ratings (AC efficiency) up to 20 (SEER) and 18 (SEER2). That will save you money on energy costs, regardless of the season. Choose from units ranging from 40,000 BTUs to 120,000 BTUs (furnaces) and from 1.5 ton to 5 ton (AC).

Air Conditioner Split Systems

A Split System Air Conditioner is called that because the major components are split between an outdoor unit (the compressor/condenser) and an indoor unit (evaporator coil/air handler), creating a full AC Split System.

An optional part of the indoor component is an electric heat strip, which on our models range from 3 kilowatts to 25 kilowatts. The heat strips are less energy efficient than the cooling system and are best suited for climates where the winters are not brutally cold or particularly long-lasting.

Air Conditioner and Coil Systems

Air Conditioner and Coil Systems are cooling-only systems designed for use where an air handler is already on the job. They include a condenser (outside) and an evaporator coil (inside). The evaporator coil must be housed in a cabinet (supplied on some models) and connected to the air handler, which moves the air coming off the coils and distributes it to the house via the duct system.

These carefully matched systems are designed to provide the ultimate comfort with minimum energy use. And “matched” doesn’t mean the condenser and coils have the same capacity. The coil should have a slightly greater capacity for the best heat transfer and efficiency.

Packaged Air Conditioners

Packaged Air Conditioners are great for applications where outdoor space is limited. They include all components in one heavy duty steel cabinet that rests outside on a slab, landing, or roof. These are extremely popular for light business applications as well as mobile or manufactured homes.

Individual Components

If you have a reliable, fairly new portion of an AC system already in place, you won’t need a complete set. You can order condensers, air handlers, coils, and furnace separately. Take advantage of our highly-trained and extremely helpful customer service team for the ultimate in information, advice, and assistance with your order.

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