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4 Ton Heat Pump and Coil Systems

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If you’re in the market for an ACiQ or Goodman heat pump, we have them paired with evaporator coils so that you don’t have to work out the sizing details yourself. You might consider a heat pump as the heart and soul of your home’s central air system, and you’d be partially correct. A heat pump is essentially an air conditioner that works in reverse during heating season for year-round performance (except on bitterly cold days). While the heat pump is busy from either extracting heat from the house in the summer or delivering heat to the house in the winter, the evaporator coil makes the transfer of heat possible.

We have matched heat pumps of all different tonnages with evaporator coils to make two-thirds of a great HVAC system. The third element is the air handler or furnace, which handles the circulation of the air that makes us comfortable. These heat pump/coil combos need to partner with a high-quality air handler or furnace to complete the system.

In a heat pump split system, the heat pump itself should have a slightly lower BTU rating than the coil. This “imbalance” is actually a good thing because it allows the components to work with each other more effectively. This reduces stress on the system, shortens run time, eliminates excess moisture, and saves energy.

These systems include a ‘tough-as-nails' Goodman heat pump, which has gained a reputation for dependability in the most hostile environments, an encased evaporator coil in either upflow, downflow, or horizontal flow orientations, refrigerant lines, and connecting hardware. We also have ACiQ heat pumps, paired with evaporator coils to provide the same level of comfort as Goodman at affordable prices.

The best climate for these matched systems is a moderate climate, where neither summer nor winter is particularly brutal. Typically, heat pumps don’t work as well when the temperature drops below 35°F. This will vary depending on the brand and type of heat pump condenser. During cold snaps of more than a couple of days, you might want to rely on a standard electric or gas furnace until the weather warms up again. Electric heat kits are available for these heat pumps, allowing your heat pump to continue working at temperatures below the 35°F threshold.

All the product pages include a selection of free, downloadable PDF files that provide detailed information, technical specifications, installation requirements, and installation procedures. For more personal assistance, feel free to contact our award-winning customer service team. has over 8,000 verified customer reviews with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

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