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Carrier LH33WP002 Ignition Control Module Furnace



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New replacement 460v ignition control module for furnaces.


Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. Use Ctrl+F to speed up your search. This part is compatible with the following models:

48HCDA041A 48HCDA046A 48HCDA056A 48HCDA066A 48HCDA076A 48HCDD086A 48HCDD126A 48HCDD146A 48HCEA041A 48HCEA046A 48HCEA051A 48HCEA056A 48HCEA061A 48HCEA066A 48HCEA071A 48HCEA076A 48HCED08---1A 48HCED11 1A 48KCEA04---1A 48KCEA04---6A 48KCEA05 1A 48KCFA05---1A 48KCFA05---6A 48KCFA06---1A 48TCDA06-6A 48TCDD08---6A 48TCDD14---6A 48TCDD16---1A 48TCDD16---6A 48TCED08---1A 48TCED09---1A 48TCED12---1A 48TCED14---1A 48TCED14---6A 48TCED16---1A 48TCED16---6A 48TCFD16---1A 580JE12D224----A 580JE16D240 A PY1PEA036060ADBA PY1PEA036080ACBA PY1PEA036100ADBA PY1PEA036120ACBA PY1PEA042060ADBA PY1PEA042080ACBA PY1PEA042100ADBA PY1PEA042120ACBA PY1PEA048080AFBA PY1PEA048100AGBA PY1PEA048120AFBA PY1PEA060080ADBA PY1PEA060100AEBA PY1PEA060120ADBA PY1PEB036060AAAA PY1PEB036060ABAA PY1PEB036060NBAA PY1PEB036090AAAA PY1PEB036090ABAA PY1PEB036090NBAA PY1PEB042060AAAA PY1PEB042090AAAA PY1PEB048090AAAA PY1PEB048090ABAA PY1PEB048090NBAA PY1PEB048115AAAA PY1PEB048115ABAA PY1PEB048115NBAA PY1PEB048130AAAA PY1PEB048130ABAA PY1PEB048130NBAA PY1PEB060090AAAA PY1PEB060115AAAA PY1PEB060130AAAA PY1REA036074ABWA PY1REA036074ABWB PY1REA048074AAWA PY1REA048074AAWB PY1REA048115AAWA PY1REA048115AAWB PY1REA060074AAWA PY1REA060074AAWB PY1REA060115AAWA PY1REA060115AAWB PY1REA072074ACWA PY1REA072115ACWA PY1REA090125ACWA PY1REA090125ACWB PY1REA090180ACWA PY1REA090180ACWB PY1REA120180ABWA PY1REA120180ABWB PY1REA120224ABWA PY1REA120224ABWB PY1REA150224ADWA PY1REA150224ADWB PY2PEB036060AA PY2PEB036090AA PY2PEB042060AA PY2PEB042060AB PY2PEB042060NB PY2PEB042090AA PY2PEB042090AB PY2PEB042090NB PY2PEB048090AA PY2PEB048090AB PY2PEB048115AA PY2PEB048115AB PY2PEB048130AA PY2PEB048130AB PY2PEB060090AA PY2PEB060090AB PY2PEB060090NB PY2PEB060115AA PY2PEB060115AB PY2PEB060115NB PY2PEB060130AA PY2PEB060130AB PY2PEB060130NB PY3PEA036060AA PY3PEA036060AB PY3PEA036060NA PY3PEA036060NB PY3PEA036090AA PY3PEA036090AB PY3PEA036090NA PY3PEA036090NB PY3PEA042060AA PY3PEA042060AB PY3PEA042060NA PY3PEA042060NB PY3PEA042090AA PY3PEA042090AB PY3PEA042090NA PY3PEA042090NB PY3PEA048090AA PY3PEA048090AB PY3PEA048090NA PY3PEA048090NB PY3PEA048115AA PY3PEA048115AB PY3PEA048115NA PY3PEA048115NB PY3PEA048130AA PY3PEA048130AB PY3PEA048130NA PY3PEA048130NB PY3PEA060090AA PY3PEA060090AB PY3PEA060090NA PY3PEA060090NB PY3PEA060115AA PY3PEA060115AB PY3PEA060115NA PY3PEA060115NB PY3PEA060130AA PY3PEA060130AB PY3PEA060130NA PY3PEA060130NB

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Carrier LH33WP002 Ignition Control Module Furnace
Weight (in lbs)0.450000


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