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Carrier 50HJ403022 Ignitor Assembly Furnace







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This brand new ignitor assembly is a replacement part for furnaces.


Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. Use Ctrl+F to speed up your search. This part is compatible with the following models:

48FCDA04 1 3A 48FCEA04 1 3A 48FCFM07 1 5A 48HCDA041A 48HCDA043A 48HCDA045A 48HCDA046A 48HCDA053A 48HCDA055A 48HCDA056A 48HCDA063A 48HCDA065A 48HCDA066A 48HCDA07---5A 48HCDA075A 48HCDA076A 48HCDD085A 48HCDD086A 48HCDD11---5A 48HCDD125A 48HCDD126A 48HCEA041A 48HCEA043A 48HCEA045A 48HCEA046A 48HCEA051A 48HCEA053A 48HCEA055A 48HCEA056A 48HCEA061A 48HCEA063A 48HCEA065A 48HCEA066A 48HCEA071A 48HCEA075A 48HCEA076A 48HCED08---1A 48HCED081A 48HCED085A 48HCED086A 48HCED091A 48HCED095A 48HCED096A 48HCED11 1A 48HCED111A 48HCED115A 48HCED116A 48HCED121A 48HCED125A 48HCED126A 48HCSD08---5A 48KCDA041A 48KCDA043A 48KCDA045A 48KCDA046A 48KCDA053A 48KCDA055A 48KCDA056A 48KCDA063A 48KCDA065A 48KCDA066A 48KCEA041A 48KCEA043A 48KCEA045A 48KCEA046A 48KCEA05 1A 48KCEA051A 48KCEA053A 48KCEA055A 48KCEA056A 48KCEA061A 48KCEA063A 48KCEA065A 48KCEA066A 48KCFA051A 48KCFA053A 48KCFA055A 48KCFA056A 48KCFA061A 48KCFA063A 48KCFA065A 48KCFA066A 48LCSA05---5A 48TCDA041A 48TCDA043A 48TCDA045A 48TCDA046A 48TCDA053A 48TCDA055A 48TCDA056A 48TCDA06-3A 48TCDA06-5A 48TCDA06-6A 48TCDA063A 48TCDA065A 48TCDA066A 48TCDA075A 48TCDA076A 48TCDA085A 48TCDA086A 48TCDA095A 48TCDA096A 48TCDD085A 48TCDD086A 48TCDD09 5A 48TCDD095A 48TCDD096A 48TCDD125A 48TCDD126A 48TCDD145A 48TCDD146A 48TCDM08 5A 48TCDM09 5A 48TCDM12 5A 48TCEA041A 48TCEA043A 48TCEA045A 48TCEA046A 48TCEA051A 48TCEA053A 48TCEA055A 48TCEA056A 48TCEA061A 48TCEA063A 48TCEA065A 48TCEA066A 48TCEA071A 48TCEA075A 48TCEA076A 48TCEA081A 48TCEA085A 48TCEA086A 48TCED08---1A 48TCED081A 48TCED085A 48TCED086A 48TCED09---1A 48TCED091A 48TCED095A 48TCED096A 48TCED12---1A 48TCED121A 48TCED125A 48TCED126A 48TCED141A 48TCED145A 48TCED146A 48TCEM08 5A 48TCEM09 1A 48TCFA051A 48TCFA053A 48TCFA055A 48TCFA056A 48TCFA071A 48TCFA075A 48TCFA076A 48TCFD081A 48TCFD085A 48TCFD086A 48TCFD091A 48TCFD095A 48TCFD096A 48TCFD121A 48TCFD125A 48TCFD126A 48TCFD141A 48TCFD145A 48TCFD146A 48TCRM12---1A 580JE09D180A 580JE12D224----A 580JE12N180----A 580JP08D180----A 580JP08N125----A 580JP08N180----A 580JP12D224----A 580JP12N180----A 580JP14D224----A 581JE08D180A 582JP06A072A 582KE04A067 1 A 582KJ04A065 1 A 582KJ05A065-1--A 582KJ06A065-1--A PY1REA036074ABWA PY1REA036074ABWB PY1REA048074AAWA PY1REA048074AAWB PY1REA048115AAWA PY1REA048115AAWB PY1REA060074AAWA PY1REA060074AAWB PY1REA060115AAWA PY1REA060115AAWB PY1REA072074ACWA PY1REA072115ACWA PY1REA090125ACWA PY1REA090125ACWB PY1REA090180ACWA PY1REA090180ACWB PY1REA120180ABWA PY1REA120180ABWB PY1REA120224ABWA PY1REA120224ABWB PY1REA150224ADWA PY1REA150224ADWB PY1RJA036074ABWA PY1RJA036074ABWB PY1RJA048074AAWA PY1RJA048074AAWB PY1RJA048115AAWA PY1RJA048115AAWB PY1RJA060074AAWA PY1RJA060074AAWB PY1RJA060115AAWA PY1RJA060115AAWB PY1RPA036074ABWA PY1RPA036074ABWB PY1RPA048074AAWA PY1RPA048074AAWB PY1RPA048115AAWA PY1RPA048115AAWB PY1RPA060074AAWA PY1RPA060074AAWB PY1RPA060115AAWA PY1RPA060115AAWB PY1RPA072074ACWA PY1RPA072115ACWA PY1RPA090125ACWA PY1RPA090125ACWB PY1RPA090180ACWA PY1RPA090180ACWB PY1RPA120180ABWA PY1RPA120180ABWB PY1RPA120224ABWA PY1RPA120224ABWB PY1RPA150224ADWA PY1RPA150224ADWB

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Carrier 50HJ403022 Ignitor Assembly Furnace
Weight (in lbs)0.250000


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