4 Reasons Why Boiler Systems are GREAT!

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First, we should know what a boiler does in an HVAC system. A boiler heats water sometimes to the point that it turns to steam and then pumps that hot liquid/gas through a piping system that runs throughout your house. These pipes will usually have heat dissipating fins located at key locations inside of floor registers that keep you from brushing up against it. This process of metal objects heating the air around it is called Radiant Heating. aluminum-finned-pipe Since heat rises it will naturally pull air through the registers evenly heating it as it passes through. That brings us to the first point! Evenly Heats your Home A forced air system can be just that, Forceful. With a boiler system the air is not forced but instead it is gradually pulled through as the hot air rises and cold air enters through the bottom. Evenly heating an area can provide benefits such as saving energy by turning the boiler on and off a fewer number of times, not having random cold spots in the house, and it warms objects in the room up as well instead of just the air around them. Pipes instead of Ducts Ducts can be quite a hassle. They can get quite dirty with debris or even animals find their way in. They must be properly sized and insulated. They can also become leaky or in the case of flexible duct can get crushed or collapse restricting air flow. A boiler system uses pipes instead of ducts to transport heat from room to room. Insulating the pipe is still recommended but would cost less and it’s a completely closed system so not dirt or animals are getting in there. It can still leak but it is less common since its much easier to spot water leaks than air leaks. Duct-sag Easier to Install Installation costs of an HVAC system can sometimes be very surprising. It can range from $500 to thousands of dollars just for installing. It is good to note that installing a boiler system even with running all the piping. The piping itself can be a little pricy if you go with copper but over all you will save some money installing a boiler system Longevity A well-made boiler can last upwards of 40 years. Generally, they will be made of solid cast iron metal like the Laars Mini-Therm boiler. With a forced air furnace typically warranties only last for 10 years and at the 15 to 20-year mark you may be looking into getting a new one. That is HALF the estimated life of a boiler. Conclusion If you need to put an HVAC system into your home but have not decided on what type of system yet, then I would definitely recommend checking out a boiler system. You may just find that it suits your needs.
  • Even Heating
  • Hot Water Pipes instead of Ducts
  • Easy and Affordable Installation
  • 40 Year Life Span
I hope this clears up a little of the mystery of boilers as an option for heating a house and if you have any questions feel free to give us a call here are HVACDirect.com 1-800-397-1392 and we will be sure to help you out
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