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What is a ductless mini split system - video

What is a ductless mini-split system? A ductless mini-split system can be a great HVAC system for your home however it is important to understand what a mini-split system is. In this video we will explain what a mini-split system is and how ductless hvac could be right for you and your family.
8 days ago
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Sweepstakes - Official Rules

12 days ago
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How Much Does HVAC Cost? A Case Study.

Read our case study to see how much you can save by buying your furnace and air conditioner system or heat pump system online.
27 days ago
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Applewood Smoked Brisket with PGS Grills

Try this brisket recipe at your next cookout!

1 month ago
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Sticky Icky Pecan Ribs With PGS Grills

Try PGS Grills Sticky icky ribs recipe at your next cookout!

1 month ago
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Battle of the Hot Dogs with PGS Grills - LA vs Chicago vs New York plus recipes!

Three delicious hot dog recipes prepared on PGS grills! Which would you choose?

1 month ago
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Unit Heater Buyer’s Guide

1 month ago
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5 Best Garage and Shop Heaters

1 month ago
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