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Does Your Electric Company Offer Energy Savings Kits?

Goodman heat pump condensers continue to soar in popularity across the country. In fact, these units are perfect for homes and businesses in the South East portion of the nation. This is due to near-year round warm and humid climates with little frigid or colder temperatures. As your premier online gas furnace store, we offer the highest-quality of heat pumps from Goodman AC at low prices. As mentioned above, it makes more sense for home or business owners in the Southern part of the US to invest in heat pumps. However, heat pumps may not be enough to heat homes and businesses in the North – especially during those frigid and icy winter months. With this in mind, Northern customers would fare much better with a home furnace heating system.

The Many Benefits of Goodman Heat Pumps

HVAC SystemsThere are several advantages of buying a heat pump Goodman brand. Whether for homes or businesses, these units are designed to keep your properties nice and toasty during the winter months. Similarly, they can save you costs on energy consumption and are truly efficient year round. If you have areas in the home or business that do not receive sufficient warmth, heat pumps may be exactly what you need. Here are some benefits of having these units installed:

Lower Running Costs

Heat pumps are cheaper to run than combustion-based systems. In fact, the more energy-efficient systems are, the better the long-term savings on consumptions. Heat pumps may have high upfront costs, however, can save you over $2,000 per year. Similarly, these units help enhance existing HVAC systems and ensure sufficient heat for optimal warmth during the colder months.

Less Maintenance

Goodman heat pumps also require less maintenance than combustion-based systems. However, you should still have your heat pumps checked at least once a year. This ensures optimal functionality and performance for your properties year round. If planning to install the unit yourself, simply check its components once a year as well. For professional installations, they will check your heat pumps every three to five years.

Better Safety

Goodman heat pumps are much safer than combustion-based systems. With little to no maintenance required, you truly get maximum ROI on your heat-pump investment.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Heat pump systems reduce your carbon emissions and footprints. In fact, these units have energy and cost-efficient rates across the board. In fact, water-source heat pumps can secure efficiencies as high as 600 percent.

Optimal Cooling

During the warmer months, heat pumps are able to reverse the process. In fact, this feature enables these units to work like air conditioning systems. Air to air heat pumps can easily be switched for optimal cooling during the summer season.

Long Life-span

The life-span of heat pumps is very long. In fact, they can last for up to 50 years. However, the average life-span for most pumps is around 14-15 years. Still, Goodman heat-pumps are incredibly reliable and the perfect source of heat year round. Heat-pumps are truly a smart investment for any home or business owner. With lower running costs that help you save on bills and energy consumption, these units are designed to move heat from one space to another. They also do not produce excessive heat or moisture, which can only add to soaring bills at the end of the month. At HVACDirect, we are proud to feature Goodman heat-pumps for environmentally-friendly green solutions. Again, these units may have larger upfront costs, but you will save time, money and energy consumption over the months and years. Heat pumps also come with their unique mechanisms. These features are designed to make your life easier while providing enough warmth for your homes and businesses. For more information on Goodman heat pump condensers, simply contact us today or visit our website.  
July 30, 2018
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