How Much Money Can You Save with a Heat Pump Unit?   

Are you in the market for a new heat pump unit? features a large selection of Goodman Heat Pump Condensers at affordable prices. This includes 3-ton heat pump units, along with 2-ton heat pump units and much more. Heat pump condensers are truly unique units for any home or business. In fact, they help save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year on energy consumption costs because they can heat or cool depending on the weather and your thermostat settings. While AC condensers are only designed to cool, heat pump condensers can be used to heat or cool your property as desired.

Heat Pump Condensers – For Winter or Summer

1.5 TON 13 Seer Goodman Air Conditioner CondenserHeat pumps, within heat pump condensers, are used to cool your home during those scorching summer months. However, the unit is reversible during the colder winter months to effectively heat your house or business. At, we feature all the top-rated AC heating equipment and accessories for residential and commercial establishments. From heat pump units to replacement condensers, our vast online store features the best prices and brands. This includes Goodman heat pump condensers, which is one of the top heat pump units in the world today. Goodman is one of the largest manufacturers of home and commercial air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality products and systems. In fact, Goodman continues to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews because of their commitment to building the most reliable, affordable HVAC models in the industry today.

The Benefits of a Heat Pump Condenser

Heat pump condensers are part of AC systems situated outside of the structural unit. These units are climate controlled, but also work together with compressors to ensure optimal cooling or heating airflow for properties. When the unit is in cooling mode, it utilizes the compressor to pressurize the Freon into hot liquids. However, when the system is in heating mode, the heat pump reverses the process and sends hot or warm air back into your house instead of ejecting the air outdoors. This is what keeps the right balance between cooling and heating across your property. At, our heat pump unit condensers are designed to save you money. With high-quality Goodman brands, we ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. We also offer detailed product descriptions, along with SEER ratings, customer reviews, and price comparisons. This allows you to make a worthwhile and informed decision on which heat pump to get for your home or business.

The HVAC Direct Difference

HVACDirect has over 75 years of experience in the heating and cooling industry. If you are looking for residential or commercial, we feature an extensive inventory of air conditioners, heaters, furnaces, ductwork products, and Goodman heat pump condenser units. We are proud to showcase the latest heat pumps at cost and energy-efficient prices. These units will keep your home or business nice and warm during those blustery cold months. Similarly, they will keep your property cool during steamy summer months. We are proud to offer all the top-name and trusted brands, along with highly-rated heat pumps, and accessories. With winter in full swing, many customers have purchased our Goodman heat pump units. In fact, we feature detailed product information, price comparisons, and even industry reviews. Whether you are looking for a new or replacement heat pump, we have it all. You simply need to visit the heat pump condensers section at our site for all the top-rated brands and units. From Goodman to other leading brands, is your one-stop source for all HVAC products, accessories, and services. Simply visit our website today or contact us to discuss exactly what you need for heating or cooling. For more information on heat pump units for sale, contact us today or visit our website.
November 7, 2018
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