What is the Cost of a Mini Split Air Conditioner?

The Mitsubishi Mini-Split system is known for its durability and longevity. Similarly, these units are smaller in size and more flexible than regular, central AC and heating systems. At HVAC Direct, we are proud to offer a wide range of Mitsubishi mini splits for all home and business owners. With detailed product listings, reviews, and cost-affordable prices – Mitsubishi mini-splits are guaranteed to meet all your cooling and heating needs. In fact, these systems can easily be installed by customers, and you do not need special tools or prior training and/or experience. Here are some benefits of purchasing and installing these essential DIY min-split components for any property.
  • Mini split Mitsubishi units are able to cool rooms in the front and back of the house or business. These are essential areas that do not receive sufficient cool air from central units due to warm sun rays and lights.
  • Ductless units are able to avoid energy losses most associated with ductwork of central AC and heating systems.
  • Mitsubishi mini split prices range based on the unit size, as well as the number of rooms or zones that need cooling or heat. Therefore, prices are usually $1,000 - $2,500. While this may seem a bit steep, it is far cheaper than installing a new central HVAC system.

The Many Benefits of Mitsubishi Mini-Splits

As your mini-split AC experts, we are proud to feature DIY units from Mitsubishi, Perfect Aire, MRCOOL, and more. As a global leader in cutting-edge and innovative products, Mitsubishi is synonymous with energy-intelligent heating and cooling systems. Whether for residential, commercial or industrial applications, these systems are designed to provide years of optimal comfort to properties of all sizes. Similarly, they continue to receive stellar industry ratings and client reviews. This is due to their cost-effectiveness, energy-efficiency and meeting or surpassing all quality and performance standards. Here are some of the benefits of installing these essential units for homes or businesses:

  • Mitsubishi mini-splits work best in homes and businesses with non-ducted heating systems; hydronic, space heaters and/or radiant panels.
  • DIY mini-splits are easier to install and correlate with any existing HVAC system in homes of all sizes. The key element of DIY mini-splits is that they can reach rooms (zones) that normally do not receive enough air or heat.
  • Mitsubishi mini-split AC systems are also great for smaller apartments and come with programmable thermostats for optimal control.
  • Minisplits are ductless; however, you must determine the number of zones in order to correlate with the products. For example: 4 rooms that need cooling will need a Mitsubishi Quad Zone Mini-Split System.
  • We offer a range of mini-splits designed for multiple cooling zones: Single, Dual, Tri-Zone, Quad, Five-Zone, and accessories. Again, these units are able to reach hard to cool or heat spaces in your home or business.

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May 2, 2018
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