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PTAC Air Conditioning Units

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A packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC) is useful for maintaining climate control in both commercial and residential scenarios. A PTAC air conditioner unit is perfect for hotel and motel rooms, apartments, and small offices, as well as home use like add-ons rooms, sunrooms, and workshops.

We carry top brands in the PTAC air conditioner market including Amana and ACiQ. Choose from units ranging from 0.6 tons to 1.25 tons in attractive styles that blend with any décor. We offer both AC-only units as well as PTACs equipped with electric heating units for year-round comfort. The heating units range from 2.5 Kilowatts to 5 Kilowatts to help warm the room even on the coldest days.

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ACiQ 15,000 BTU PTAC Heat Pump Air Conditioner Unit with 5KW Electric Heater
SAVE $333.00
ACiQ 7,000 BTU PTAC Heat Pump Air Conditioner Unit with 2.5KW Electric Heater
SAVE $263.00
ACiQ 12,000 BTU PTAC Heat Pump Air Conditioner Unit with 3.5KW Electric Heater
SAVE $299.67
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Whether it’s an Amana or Perfect Aire PTAC unit, it’s designed to be as efficient and maintenance-free as possible. It’s a self-contained system that installs in walls with vents and heat sinks on both the inside and outside.

A great advantage of our PTAC units is that they do not require a condensate pipe for drainage They use a system called atomized condensate dispersion, where the condensate (water that is extracted by the cooling process) is drawn back into the condenser coil surface and evaporates into the atmosphere.

These units are often found in apartments and hotel rooms, where they are sometimes subjected to misuse. That possibility is factored into the design of these remarkable units, resulting in features including:

  • Compressor restart delay, which guards against short-cycling of the compressor and high temperature.
  • High temperature protection, a safety feature that shuts the unit off when excessive indoor temperature is present.
  • Automatic evaporator freeze protection, which shuts off the compressor if the evaporator temperature is too low.

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