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Rupp Air Modular Direct Gas Fired Make Up Air Unit, Heated, 2,500 CFM, w/ 20" Fan - R2D.250-20D -2500


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The Direct Gas Fired Make-Up Air package is designed to deliver tempered make-up air for installations requiring frequent air changes. This unit is with a BTU of 86,400 and are for indoor or outdoor installation.

A unique feature is the self-adjusting burner profile plates allowing 2-speed and variable-air-volume applications. The plates ensure proper air velocity and pressure drop across the burner for clean combustion. Spring-loaded profile plates react to the momentum of the fresh air stream, and therefore, no motors or actuators are needed to drive them, nor do they need to be manually set to a specific position.


  • Sloped Filtered Intake Includes 2" MV EZ Kleen Metal Mesh Filters.
  • Gas Manifold - BTU 0 - 825001 - 7 in. w.c. - 14 in. w.c., ANSI Insurance Requirement
  • Down Discharge Construction for Size 2 Direct Drive AHUs
  • Low Fire Start.Burner to energize when the modulation control is in a low fire position.
  • Motorized Back Draft Damper Low Leakage, LF120S Actuator Included
  • VAV (Variable-Air-Volume) Wiring Package for Commercial Fans.
  • Manual Speed Control Variable Frequency Drive Included
  • ESV112N02YXB571 - Variable Frequency Drive - 1-1/2 HP Max., 200/240 V, Single or Three Phase Input, 6.0 A Max., NEMA 1 Enclosure, VFD Factory installed with Line reactor
  • Freezestat factory set at 35°F and 10 minutes.
  • Commercial Smoke Detector Interlock (Detector By Others)
  • 0-150°F Discharge Temp Control • Field Wired On/Off Start Command • Heating Activation Based On Intake Set Point. Use with MUA
  • Profile Plate Configuration for size 2 Direct Fired Unit for low cfm applications.
  • 2500 CFM Curb CRB31X79X16INS Insulated On Fan #4 Flat Curb
  • Full Bottom Curb Corner. Base flange corners fully welded or staked by factory.

Standard features include an intermittent spark ignition system with timed safety lockout and redundant gas valves. Units consist of a galvanized enclosure with an elevated gas burner which burns directly in the air stream. The burner consists of non-clogging, stainless steel combustion baffles attached to an aluminum gas supply section. The burner is capable of nearly 100% efficiency with a maximum turndown ratio of 30 to 1. The products of combustion mix with the make-up air which is introduced into the heater intake directly from outside the building. The burner module has a standard horizontal inlet and discharge duct connection and is located upstream of the blower module. The blower module has a standard horizontal inlet designed to accommodate an outside air inlet hood with standard 2" filters and screen.

To satisfy a variety of installation requirements, packages are available in a number of configurations which include additions of either a v-bank or an evaporative cooler intake module. All modules bolt together to form a rigid common base structure that mounts onto a single curb structure.

NOTE: Once order is placed, these units CANNOT be cancelled or returned

Product Specifications

More Information
Rupp Air Modular Direct Gas Fired Make Up Air Unit, Heated, 2,500 CFM, w/ 20" Fan - R2D.250-20D -2500
Weight (in lbs)500.000000
Brand/ManufacturerRupp Air
Additional Information3600 CFM @ 0.5" SP
Additional Information3000 CFM @ 1.0" SP
Additional Information2400 CFM @ 1.5" SP
Heating BTU216,000 BTU
Maximum CFM2,500
Motor RPM1,094 RPM
Horsepower1.500 HP
Electrical208V / 60Hz / Single or 3 Phase
Fuel TypePropane, Natural Gas
Dimensions135 7/8" x 36 3/4" x 79"
Resources You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.
Safety InformationPROPOSITION 65 WARNING


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