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Save on Fuel Costs with wood and Save Again when you buy wood stoves online vs. local showrooms. Wood Burning Stoves are inexpensive heating sources and when you buy online with us you’ll save hundreds (if not thousands) with low wholesale prices and free shipping.

Want to know more about wood stoves? Read about wood stove efficiency and how they can be a better choice than other heating styles.


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Not only do we have wood burning stoves for sale at wholesale prices, we also offer free shipping and great product support. We’re proud to partner with three of the best manufacturers of wood stoves in the business – including Buck Stove, Napoleon and Osburn. When you’re ready to buy a wood stove, we have a great selection, ranging from small wood stoves that heat a small, cozy room, to models that put out over 100,000 BTUs for large family rooms (and maybe a little more).

Using firewood requires a little effort, but it remains one of the most stable, reliable and easy-to-obtain fuel sources. The design of our wood burning stoves makes the most of the burning process, pushing heat where it’s needed, and clearing out the smoke safely and seamlessly.

All our wood burning stoves are free standing, but a few can be adapted as a fireplace insert with proper venting. Construction is of heavy gauge steel or cast iron, and the stoves are available in a variety of styles.

Choose between footed stoves that bring back the nostalgic aura of a Norman Rockwell painting or stoves with pedestals and panels for a clean, neat, more modern look.

On their own, these beautiful wood stoves radiate heat naturally into the room, operating totally off the energy grid and saving you a considerable amount of money. Optional electric blowers – available on nearly all models - help distribute the heat more rapidly for those brutal winter nights and even then, they don’t use very much electricity.

These models are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency and Underwriters Laboratories, and are suitable for use in site-built homes as well as mobile homes.

Take the leap to a wood burning stove. If you need additional information and advice, call our award winning team of customer service representatives.

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