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Trane CNT3600 ICM Fan Control Heat Pump



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This new Trane 16 pin ICM fan control replacement is approved for the use in Trane heat pumps.


Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. Use Ctrl+F to speed up your search. This part is compatible with the following models:

2TEE3D31A1000AA 2TEE3D37A1000AA 2TEE3D40A1000AA 2TEE3D49A1000AA 2TEE3D65A1000AA 2TEE3F31A1000AA 2TEE3F37A1000AA 2TEE3F39A1000AA 2TEE3F40A1000AA 2TEE3F48A1000AA 2TEE3F49A1000AA 2TEE3F62A1000AA 2TEE3F64A1000AA 2TEE3F65A1000AA 2TFE3025A1D05AA 2TFE3025A1D08AA 2TFE3025A1D10AA 2TFE3F25B1D05AA 2TFE3F25B1D08AA 2TFE3F25B1D10AA 4DCY4024A1064AA 4DCY4024A1064AB 4DCY4030A1075AA 4DCY4030A1075AB 4DCY4036A1075AA 4DCY4036A1075AB 4DCY4036A3075AA 4DCY4036A3075AB 4DCY4036B1075AA 4DCY4036B3075AA 4DCY4036C1075AA 4DCY4042A1096AA 4DCY4042A1096AB 4DCY4048A1096AA 4DCY4048A1096AB 4DCY4048A3096AA 4DCY4048A3096AB 4DCY4048A3096CA 4DCY4048B1096AB 4DCY4060A1120AA 4DCY4060A1120AB 4DCY4060A3120AA 4DCY4060A3120AB 4DCY4060B1120AA 4DCY4060B1120CA 4DCZ6036A1075AA 4DCZ6036A1075AB 4DCZ6036A1075BA 4DCZ6036A1075BB 4DCZ6036A3075AA 4DCZ6036A3075BA 4DCZ6036A3075BB 4DCZ6048A1096AA 4DCZ6048A1096AB 4DCZ6048A3096AA 4DCZ6048A3096AB 4DCZ6048A3096BB 4DCZ6060A1120AA 4DCZ6060A1120AB 4DCZ6060A3120AA 4DCZ6060A3120AB 4DCZ6060A3120BA 4TCY4024A1000AA 4TCY4024A1000BA 4TCY4030A1000AA 4TCY4030A1000BA 4TCY4036A1000AA 4TCY4036A3000AA 4TCY4036B1000AA 4TCY4036B1000BA 4TCY4036B3000AA 4TCY4042A1000AA 4TCY4042B1000AA 4TCY4042B1000BA 4TCY4048A1000AA 4TCY4048A3000AA 4TCY4048B1000AA 4TCY4048B1000BA 4TCY4048B3000AA 4TCY4060A1000AA 4TCY4060A1000BA 4TCY4060A3000AA 4TCY4060A3000BA 4TEE3D31A1000AA 4TEE3D37A1000AA 4TEE3D40A1000AA 4TEE3D49A1000AA 4TEE3D65A1000AA 4TEE3F31A1000AA 4TEE3F31A1000AB 4TEE3F31A1000AC 4TEE3F31B1000AA 4TEE3F31B1000BA 4TEE3F37A1000AA 4TEE3F37A1000AB 4TEE3F37A1000AC 4TEE3F37B1000AA 4TEE3F37B1000BA 4TEE3F39A1000AA 4TEE3F40A1000AA 4TEE3F40A1000AB 4TEE3F40B1000AA 4TEE3F40B1000BA 4TEE3F48A1000AA 4TEE3F48B1000AA 4TEE3F49A1000AA 4TEE3F49A1000AB 4TEE3F49B1000AA 4TEE3F49B1000BA 4TEE3F49C1000AA 4TEE3F62A1000AB 4TEE3F62B1000AA 4TEE3F64A1000AA 4TEE3F65A1000AA 4TEE3F65A1000AB 4TEE3F65B1000AA 4TEE3F65B1000BA 4TEE3F66A1000AA 4TFE3F25B1D05AA 4TFE3F25B1D08AA 4TFE3F25B1D10AA 4WCC3024A1000AA 4WCC3030A1000AA 4WCC3042A1000AA 4WCX3024A1000AA 4WCX3030A1000AA 4WCX3042A1000AA 4WCY4024A1000AA 4WCY4024A1000BA 4WCY4030A1000AA 4WCY4030A1000BA 4WCY4036A1000AA 4WCY4036A3000AA 4WCY4036B1000AA 4WCY4042A1000AA 4WCY4048A1000AA 4WCY4048A3000AA 4WCY4048A3000CA 4WCY4048B1000AA 4WCY4060A1000AA 4WCY4060A3000AA 4WCY4060B1000AA 4WCZ6036A1000AA 4WCZ6036A1000BA 4WCZ6036A3000AA 4WCZ6036A3000BA 4WCZ6036A3000BB 4WCZ6036A4000AA 4WCZ6036A4000BA 4WCZ6048A1000AA 4WCZ6048A1000BA 4WCZ6048A1000BB 4WCZ6048A3000AA 4WCZ6048A3000BA 4WCZ6048A4000AA 4WCZ6048A4000BA 4WCZ6060A1000AA 4WCZ6060A1000BA 4WCZ6060A1000BB 4WCZ6060A3000AA 4WCZ6060A3000BA 4WCZ6060A4000AA 4WCZ6060A4000BA 4WHC3042A1000AA 4WHC3048A1000AB 4WHC3060A1000AB 4YCC3024A1064AA 4YCC3030A1075AA 4YCC3042A1096AA 4YCX3024A1064AA 4YCX3030A1075AA 4YCX3042A1096AA 4YCY4024A1064AA 4YCY4024A1064AB 4YCY4030A1075AA 4YCY4030A1075AB 4YCY4036A1075AA 4YCY4036A1075AB 4YCY4036A1096AA 4YCY4036A1096AB 4YCY4036A3075AA 4YCY4036A3075AB 4YCY4036A3096AA 4YCY4036A3096AB 4YCY4036B1075AA 4YCY4036B1096AA 4YCY4042A1096AA 4YCY4042A1096AB 4YCY4042B1096AA 4YCY4048A1096AA 4YCY4048A1096AB 4YCY4048A1120AA 4YCY4048A1120AB 4YCY4048A3096AA 4YCY4048A3096AB 4YCY4048A3120AA 4YCY4048A3120AB 4YCY4048B1096AA 4YCY4048B1120AA 4YCY4060A1120AA 4YCY4060A1120AB 4YCY4060A3120AA 4YCY4060A3120AB 4YCZ6036A1075AA 4YCZ6036A1075AB 4YCZ6036A1075BA 4YCZ6036A1096AA 4YCZ6036A1096AB 4YCZ6036A1096BA 4YCZ6036A3075AA 4YCZ6036A3075AB 4YCZ6036A3075BA 4YCZ6036A3096AA 4YCZ6036A3096AB 4YCZ6036A3096BA 4YCZ6036A4075AA 4YCZ6036A4075AB 4YCZ6036A4075BA 4YCZ6036A4096AA 4YCZ6036A4096AB 4YCZ6036A4096BA 4YCZ6048A1096AA 4YCZ6048A1096AB 4YCZ6048A1096BA 4YCZ6048A1120AA 4YCZ6048A1120AB 4YCZ6048A1120BA 4YCZ6048A3096AA 4YCZ6048A3096AB 4YCZ6048A3096BA 4YCZ6048A3120AA 4YCZ6048A3120AB 4YCZ6048A3120BA 4YCZ6048A4096AA 4YCZ6048A4096AB 4YCZ6048A4096BA 4YCZ6048A4120AA 4YCZ6048A4120AB 4YCZ6048A4120BA 4YCZ6060A1120AA 4YCZ6060A1120AB 4YCZ6060A1120BA 4YCZ6060A3120AA 4YCZ6060A3120AB 4YCZ6060A3120BA 4YCZ6060A4120AA 4YCZ6060A4120AB 4YCZ6060A4120BA DCY048F4H0BC DCY060F3M0BA DCY060F4M0AH TCH042C100AA TCY024G100AC TCY030G100AC TCY036G100AC TCY042G100AC TCY048G100AC TCY060G100AC TWE031E13FB1 TWE031E13FB2 TWE037E13FB1 TWE037E13FB2 TWE040E13FB1 TWE040E13FB2 TWE049E13FB1 TWE049E13FB2 TWE062E13FB1 TWE062E13FB2 TWE065E13FB1 TWE065E13FB2 WCH048F100AA WCP060F400AC WCX060G100AC WCX060G100AD WCX060G400AD WCY024G100BB WCZ036F100CA WCZ036F300BC WCZ060F100BC WCZ060F300BD

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Trane CNT3600 ICM Fan Control Heat Pump
Weight (in lbs)1.000000


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