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Inline Centrifugal & Mixed Flow Fans

When maximum airflow is needed, inline centrifugal fans and mixed flow inline fans do a fantastic job of delivering fresh air where it’s needed. has an unsurpassed selection of both types, supplied by the best manufacturers in the business such as Fantech, Soler & Polau (S&P), and Vents-US.

For what they do and for all their benefits, the inline centrifugal fan and the mixed flow inline fan represent an amazing value for your investment. is committed to offering the highest quality products at the lowest prices possible. Ordering is easy, thanks to our well-trained customer service staff, and shipping is fast.

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Inline Centrifugal Fans, also known as inline centrifugal duct fans, consist of an impeller in a specially designed housing. The shape of the housing imparts a radial flow of air that spirals in the same direction as the motor shaft. This flow of air can be quite strong, and even small centrifugal vent fans can make a big difference in the ventilation of a room or building. has an impressive selection of inline centrifugal fans from Vents-US and S&P. Some are built with corrosion-resisting materials, including a few models that are rated for corrosive air and radon gas mitigation. Centrifugal inline fans do not have to be round. Sometimes, the ductwork makes it more feasible to install a square or rectangular fan, but the airflow is still centrifugal in nature.

Mixed Flow Inline Fans create an axial flow of air, parallel to the motor's armature, plus a radial flow. The combination of the two creates an outflow strong enough to remove heavy, allergen and moisture-laden air from a building or room in a relatively short amount of time. You could say that the mixed flow inline fans for sale by are big brothers to the vent hood fans found in kitchens and the vent fans found in bathrooms, because they work on the very same principle.

The determining factor between what would work best for your environment - centrifugal or mixed flow - depends greatly on the ductwork and the type of activity that occurs in the room or area. Mixed flow fans work best when connected to straight runs of ductwork, so if the existing ductwork has a lot of right-angle turns in it, an inline centrifugal fan might be the best choice. For rooms or areas with a lot of "heavy" air (saturated with moisture, fumes, and/or allergens), a mixed flow fan might be best.

To be absolutely certain, however, check with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives. They can answer questions and help you find the right product for your needs.

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