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2 Ton 14.5 SEER2 96% AFUE 80,000 BTU Goodman Gas Furnace and Heat Pump System - Downflow



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GSZH502410 / CAPTA2422C4 / GC9S960804CN



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Requires: Plastic / PVC Flue Vent Piping

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Customize 2 Ton 14.5 SEER2 96% AFUE 80,000 BTU Goodman Gas Furnace and Heat Pump System - Downflow
2 Ton 15.2 SEER2 High Efficiency Goodman Heat Pump - 7.8 HSPF2 (In Stock - Ready to Ship)   + $2,389.00
2 Ton 21" Width Goodman Upflow/Downflow Evaporator Coil - Cased - TXV (Ships in 1-2 Weeks)   + $644.00
80,000 BTU 96% AFUE Single Stage Goodman Gas Furnace - Downflow/Horizontal (In Stock - Ready to Ship)   + $1,950.00
2 Ton 14.5 SEER2 96% AFUE 80,000 BTU Goodman Gas Furnace and Heat Pump System - Downflow


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A Goodman combination system is a great choice to keep your home warm all season long. With tons of extra features and a great price, a Goodman furnace and heat pump air conditioning system is the perfect choice for all of your heating and cooling needs.

2 Ton 15.2 SEER2 High Efficiency Goodman Heat Pump - 7.8 HSPF2


At one of the higher efficiencies on the market, the Goodman GSZH502410 heat pump condenser is designed to save you money both up front and in energy bills over time. With its high-quality construction, the GSZH502410 is considered a good all-around choice for many applications.


  • Designed to cover a smaller house in average climates
  • 2 Ton, 15.2 SEER2 heat pump condenser
  • Low sound output
  • Fully charged for up to 15' of line set
  • Factory-installed bi-flow filter drier

2 Ton

The Goodman GSZH502410 heat pump is rated for 2 tons, which is normally enough to cover a smaller house in average climates. A heat pump coil or air handler is required for this condenser to function, and some indoor units will be larger in tonnage than this condenser in some bundles to maintain the unit's overall efficiency.

15.2 SEER2

With its high-end 15.2 SEER2 efficiency rating, the GSZH502410 is designed to save you money over the entire life of the unit. 15.2 SEER2 units will save you about 12% more in energy bills over a 14.3 SEER2 system, making this upgrade a smart upgrade to save you money over time with a small increase in your initial investment in the system.


The GSZH502410 condenser comes with Goodman's standard 10 year parts warranty with online registration through the manufacturer. An installation that follows your state and local codes is required for the warranty to be upheld.

Durability and Reliability

The cabinet on the GSZH502410 heat pump is designed to be durable in harsh conditions. With its baked-on polyester coat of paint, the unit is approved for up to 500 hours of salt spray. The enhanced durability and paint coat makes the GSZH502410 compliant with 2010 Florida building codes for unit integrity for hurricane-like winds when the unit is properly anchored. For reliability, there is also a built-in bi-flow filter drier that lowers general wear-and-tear on the internals of the unit.

Installation and Maintenance

In order to provide a faster and less expensive installation, the Goodman GSZH502410 heat pump is factory-installed with pressure switches, a high-capacity muffler, easily accessible gauge ports, and service valves with sweat connections. The cabinet of the unit is also fitted with dual access panels—one on the side and one on the top—to allow for a much easier maintenance procedure should the need for maintenance arise.

Comfort in Mind

The Goodman company has always promoted enhanced comfort, higher efficiency, and lower cost to all of its units. With SmartShift technology and an enhanced sound insulation structure, the GSZH502410 is whisper-quiet, allowing Goodman to continue to follow its goals in achieving the best comfort levels possible at a low cost.

2 Ton 21" Width Goodman Upflow/Downflow Evaporator Coil - Cased - TXV


An AC or heat pump system is only as good as its evaporator coil. The Goodman CAPTA evaporator coils are designed with this simple thought in mind for its longevity, accessibility, and value as their other heating and cooling equipment. The advanced design and all-aluminum constriction of this coil improves its durability and heat transfer efficiency. The CAPT is a cased A-Coil for use in Upflow/Downflow applications. These units include an internal TXV (thermostatic expansion valve), which is perfect for high-performance systems. Goodman pressure tests each coil twice prior to it leaving the factory. Whether you are replacing an old failing coil or installing a new system, you can choose Goodman's CAPTA units with confidence.


  • All-Aluminum Coil: The design of Goodman's evaporator coils maximizes surface area and optimizes heat transfer for efficient comfort. Using a reliable all-aluminum design using sine fins and grooved tubes.
  • Internal Thermostatic Expansion Valve: Goodman's CAPTA units have a factory-installed internal thermostatic expansion valve, which streamlines installation and maintains ideal refrigerant flow for your system.
  • Secure Cabinet: Providing superior longevity and efficiency, CAPTA units have a galvanized, embossed, and insulated cabinet that protects the coil and prevents air leakage.
  • Condensate Management: Keeping your system sage and operational, the CAPTA units feature a foil-faced insulation to inhibit the formation of condensate and a rust-resistant, DecaBDE-free thermoplastic drain pan secondary drain connections. The drain pan is UV-resistant.
  • Refrigerant Compatibility: The CAPTA is only compatible with R-410A refrigerant.
  • Extended Warranty: 10-year limited warranty

Goodman is focused on providing high-quality products at an affordable price and protecting them with what we believe to be some of the best warranties in the industry. This clear focus has led to Goodman being a leading unit manufacturer of residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning products and systems in North America. Goodman creates products that are engineered for reliable long life, using the best components with some of the lowest failures rates in the industry.

80,000 BTU 96% AFUE Single Stage Goodman Gas Furnace - Downflow/Horizontal


If you’re looking to reduce your energy bill and improve the comfort of your home, look no further than Goodman’s GC9S960804CN. This gas furnace features efficient operation and high-quality construction to provide your home with reliable, affordable heating. The GC9S960804CN single-stage, 9-speed furnace is a great value designed for many applications.


  • This furnace is ideal to heat a medium house (depending on climate)
  • 80,000 BTU 96% efficient natural gas furnace
  • Requires plastic/pvc flue venting
  • Can be used in the downflow or horizontal orientation
  • Can be converted to an LP furnace with a conversion kit (sold separately)
  • Innovative design for electrical efficiency, safety, and lower sound output
80,000 BTU

The GC9S960804CN Goodman gas furnace is suitable in output for a medium house in ideal climate conditions. The 80,000 BTU count is the input per hour of the furnace, and the output is 76,800 BTU’s (80,000 x 96% AFUE) per hour.

96% Efficiency Rating

The GC9S960804CN Goodman gas furnace has a 96% efficiency rating. This means that only 4% of the fuel going into the furnace is used up in normal furnace operations and not used to heat your home. The remaining 96% of the inputted fuel is used to heat your home. 96% efficient furnaces is one of the highest efficiencies of natural gas furnaces available for purchase with today’s technology. Please note that 96% efficient furnaces such as this one require plasic/pvc flue venting, and 80% efficient furnaces require metal flue venting.

Single Stage Furnace

A single stage furnace operates using the same amount of energy every time is turns on. The GC9S960804CN Goodman gas furnace operates using only one heat output. This furnace will operate at 100% output whenever it is operating.

Natural Gas or LP Furnace

From the factory, the GC9S960804CN runs on natural gas. However all Goodman gas furnaces can be converted to propane using the furnace’s corresponding LP conversion kit, an optional accessory at an additional cost that consists of a replacement set of orifices and springs.

9-Speed ECM Blower Motor

The GC9S960804CN utilizes a 9-speed ECM motor, which is more efficient than older PSC blower motors, saving you money in electric bills.


With installation that follows your state and local codes and with online registration, all Goodman furnaces come with a 10-year parts and lifetime heat exchanger warranty through the manufacturer.

Durable Hot Surface Igniter

Instead of a standing pilot light, the GC9S960804CN has a newer, more efficient hot surface igniter. Hot surface igniters are much more efficient and safer than standard standing pilot lights.

Self-Diagnostic Control Board

The Goodman brand has improved technology from years of production experience, allowing for a long-lasting product that rarely runs into any operation-based problems. However, if the furnace does need maintenance or warranty work, the control board has a set of sensors that will identify any basic problems in the furnace’s basic operation.

Heavy Gauge Steel Cabinet

The GC9S960804CN Goodman gas furnace has a durable outer cabinet. The heavy-gauge steel used in the furnace’s design allows for a more protected interior, and less air leakage from the furnace’s operation, resulting in a more quiet operation while still decreasing operation costs.

Ease of Installation

From enhanced operation to efficiency, the Goodman gas furnaces have a lot to offer. However, Goodman’s features don’t stop at quality of unit. The GC9S960804CN allows for a significantly more streamlined installation process with its universal design, consisting of its ability to be installed in either downflow or horizontal configurations, lowering labor costs.

Product Specifications

More Information
2 Ton 15.2 SEER2 High Efficiency Goodman Heat Pump - 7.8 HSPF2
SKU GSZH502410
Weight (in lbs) 213.000000
Brand/Manufacturer Goodman
Replaces GSZ160241
Cooling BTU 24,000
Heating BTU 24,000
Blower Motor Single Speed Motor
Decibel Level (dBA) 72
Horsepower 0.167 HP
Refrigerant R410A
SEER2 (Efficiency) 15.2
Condenser Stages Single Stage
Compressor Type Scroll
Liquid Line 3/8"
Suction Line 3/4"
Electrical 208/230v 1 Phase 60Hz
Max Breaker Size 25 Amps
Min. Breaker Size 15.3 Amps
Tonnage 2 Ton
Connection Sweat
Height 35 3/4"
Width 35 1/2"
Depth 35 1/2"
Warranty 10 Years Parts with Online Registration
Resources You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.
Safety Information PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
2 Ton 21" Width Goodman Upflow/Downflow Evaporator Coil - Cased - TXV
Weight (in lbs) 53.000000
Brand/Manufacturer Goodman
Additional Information ECM Multi-Speed
Cooling BTU 24,000
Configuration Upflow / Downflow
Refrigerant R410A
Liquid Line 3/8"
Suction Line 3/4"
Tonnage 2 Ton
BTU/Tonnage 24,000 BTU/2 Ton
Certification ETL Listed, AHRI Certified
Height 22"
Width 21"
Depth 21"
Warranty 10-year limited
Resources You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents
Safety Information PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
80,000 BTU 96% AFUE Single Stage Goodman Gas Furnace - Downflow/Horizontal
SKU GC9S960804CN
Weight (in lbs) 141.000000
Exhaust Flue Requirement Plastic / PVC
Brand/Manufacturer Goodman
Furnace Efficiency / AFUE 96%
Heating BTU 80,000
Blower Motor 9 Speed - ECM
Maximum CFM 1600
Configuration Downflow/Horizontal
Exhaust Pipe PVC
Flue Location Right
SEER2 (Efficiency) 22.3
Electrical 115 V. 1 Phase 60 Hz
Burner Stages Single
Fuel Type Gas
Height 34.5"
Width 21"
Depth 28.75"
Warranty 10 Years with Online Registration
Resources You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.
Safety Information
This gas appliance requires a trained technician to install. Improperly connecting gas lines or improperly connecting a gas flue or venting may result in death. By purchasing this item, you are agreeing that you are using a trained technician to install this gas appliance. We will not be responsible for any injury or property damage arising from improper service or service procedures. Whoever installs or services this unit assumes responsibility for any personal injury or property damage which may result. Many jurisdictions require a license to install this equipment.


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